ScanX Swift View by Air Techniques

Equipment Guide

The ScanX Swift View – the newest addition to the Air Techniques ScanX product portfolio – is a compact, single-slot phosphor storage plate (PSP) scanner digital radiography system. An ideal in-operatory solution or an adjunct to an existing direct digital sensor, the ScanX Swift View provides high-diagnostic image resolution (up to 20 lp/mm) with intuitive, time-saving digitization for all intraoral sizes (0-4). ScanX PSPs are as thin and flexible as traditional analog film, permitting easy placement for significantly increased patient comfort. And, greater patient comfort ensures fewer retakes, increasing productivity and profitability for the dental practice.

Dentists who are considering adding a ScanX Swift View should ask themselves several questions:

  • Is my practice currently film-based, or digital?
  • If I’ve already incorporated a direct-digital hard sensor, do I still find it difficult to capture images?”
  • What percent of my patients are pediatric? What percent are geriatric?
  • Do many of my patients have special needs or issues with gagging?
  • Do I ever have the need to take a size 4 occlusal?

Some dentists may question the need to purchase a new direct-digital sensor.  However, ScanX Swift View PSP technology should not be undervalued. Often, the best digital solution for a dental practice is a hybrid approach that includes both direct sensors and ScanX PSP technology. Dentists can capture 100 percent of their images with a hybrid digital solution, completely eliminating film and chemicals from the practice – a great solution for patients, the dental team and the practice.

Air Techniques offers a diverse product portfolio for today’s dynamic market place, and the ScanX Swift View provides dentists with an innovative solution designed to address a variety of needs that may arise in their practice.

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