RAMVAC dry vacuums by DentalEZ

Equipment Guide

RAMVAC dry vacuums – including the Bulldog and Bison – are known to be reliable and long lasting! Their energy-efficient technology makes them a great choice for any dental office.

Energy efficient RAMVAC motors and rotary vane pumps run at a minimum of 50 percent less BTUs than competitive technology*, enabling dental practices to save on their energy costs without sacrificing any performance. The rotary vane pumps used in RAMVAC dry vacuums ensure consistent vacuum performance, even as additional HVEs are opened. They require minimal maintenance and still outlast the service life of non-lubricated systems.

Clinicians can determine whether RAMVAC dry vacuums are right for their dental practice by considering the following:

  • How high is our current electric bill? Is utility room energy consumption contributing to higher costs?
  • Do we have an opportunity to offset the consumption of power, while at the same time maintain high suction?
  • Would it benefit our practice to take advantage of high-efficiency motor pumps, which consume less BTUs at the highest suction than competitive pumps do when idle?

Some dentists may question whether it’s practical to purchase RAMVAC dry vacuums:

  • “I am concerned about the cost of the RAMVAC dry vacuums.”
    • Rest assured, RAMVAC dry vacuums offer a great return on investment. The low-maintenance dry vacuums consume less water and energy, and their long-term benefits pay off quickly.

Rest easy knowing that the Bulldog and Bison vacuums will run consistently and efficiently for years to come, as backed by a 10-year pump limited warranty.

*As noted in user manuals.

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