OMNICHROMA: One shade fits all

Sponsored: Tokuyama Dental

Meeting the demands of a large patient clientele isn’t always easy. OMNICHROMA by Tokuyama Dental is a unique dental composite solution designed to meet the needs of many.

Kevin M. Brown, DDS, knows his patients expect the very best. From quality care to outstanding results, “our patients have come to expect the best from us, and that is what we intend to deliver,” says the co-owner of Jensen and Brown, a Bellevue, Washington, dental practice that offers a broad range of services, from general and cosmetic dentistry, to periodontics, implantology, endodontics and more. But, as he knows very well, investing in the highest quality products and materials can be costly.

“In our practice we do our best to select materials that are scientifically and clinically proven to be successful functionally, biologically and esthetically,” says Brown. At the same time, steadily shrinking insurance reimbursements have made it more and more challenging to control overhead costs, he notes. “We only participate in a few insurance plans, yet we still feel the pinch.” Something as simple as maintaining three or four composite systems to accommodate a broad range of shades and doctor preferences adds up at the end of each month, he points out.

One shade fits all
When Brown first learned about OMNICHROMA, Tokuyama Dental’s upcoming one-shade-fits-all dental restorative material, he was fascinated by its use of structural color as the main color mechanism, enabling the composite to adapt to any tooth shade. “It is very impressive to apply a dental composite to a tooth and watch it magically transform from an opaque white shade to the exact shade of the tooth, he says. “OMNICHROMA can transform to an A1, a D3 or any other shade the tooth happens to be.

“Having evaluated the OMNICHROMA composite for some time now, I can see that versatility is just one of the many benefits it offers,” he explains. “From a practicality standpoint, OMNICHROMA is a game changer. One composite that can work for over 90 percent of my patients is a dream come true! My dental assistant is thrilled she won’t have to keep track of the 30 or more composite syringes we once stocked, and I am confident OMNICHROMA will save her a significant amount of time and hassle.”

Nor is the financial savings lost on Brown. “Once OMNICHROMA is officially launched in February 2019, we will be able to limit our order to one composite and our overhead will be decreased significantly,” he points out. “In addition, OMNICHROMA offers desirable handling characteristics and excellent polishing ability. My staff and I are grateful to practice dentistry at a time when a technology such as OMNICHROMA is available to make our life easier and ensure our patients are more than satisfied.”

How it works

Most composites today depend on the chemical color of the dyes and pigments added to the resin material to emulate certain shades of human teeth. These composites are limited in their ability to shade match. An A1 will not match an A4, and human teeth do not perfectly follow the VITA range.

OMNICHROMA’s Smart Chromatic Technology is the first use of structural color in composite dentistry as the main color mechanism. As ambient light passes through the spherical fillers in OMNICHROMA, they generate red to yellow structural color, the natural colors found in all human teeth. The red-to-yellow color combines with the reflected color of the surrounding tooth to create a seamless match. This technology eliminates the need for pigments or dyes, and the result is an unprecedented color-matching ability combined with excellent mechanical properties and high polishability.

For the dental practice, that means:

  • Simplified inventory management.
  • Reduction of composite shades that only see incidental use.
  • Reduction of unused composite wastage.
  • It will never be short-stocked on a shade.

OMNICHROMA is recommended for:

  • Direct anterior and posterior restorations.
  • Direct bonded composite veneer.
  • Diastema closure.
  • Repair of porcelain/composite.

OMNICHROMA releases February 2019. To learn more or reserve your sample, visit