CIO’s Perspective: All-in-one SW solutions like Practice by Numbers help DSOs scale faster

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Atlas Dental Group wanted to go deeper with its patient base. While the dental organization could see patient data at a high level with its former technology vendor, they wanted to know more, and be more engaged in, the whole patient lifecycle. “We just weren’t happy with our patient communication,” said, Rich Marlatt, Chief Information Officer, Atlas Dental Group. “And, at the same time, we weren’t happy with what we were getting in business intelligence.”

When doing their research on potential partners, Practice by Numbers came out as the leader for each of the areas Atlas wanted to expand in its capabilities, making the decision to switch an easy one. “For us, the biggest piece was improving our patient engagement,” Marlatt said. “Yes, the business intelligence part is fantastic; it’s everything it should be. But hands down, the best thing for us has been patient engagement.”

In the last year, Atlas has had several big initiatives related to patient engagement. Patients expressed through word of mouth and surveys that they wanted to be able to schedule their appointments, pay online and fill out forms electronically – all on their own time. “We saw those as huge priorities,” Marlatt said.

Through Practice by Numbers’ software, Atlas can now do all those things seamlessly. For instance, the dental practice has the ability to send patients electronic forms for them to fill out ahead of time, either on their desktop or mobile device. “We can actually see the progress of them filling it out,” Marlatt said. “We know where they dropped off in filling out the form, and where. And when they come into the practice, if there are any leftover forms, we can hand them a tablet to complete those forms. Then we’re good to go.” Plus, the process writes completely back into the practice management system, giving Atlas a deeper level of integration.

Marketing, call tracking, web chat, online booking appointments, payment forms and more – it’s all at the fingertips of both provider and patient. Practice By Numbers brings all of Atlas’s pieces of data together in one unified place so they can get full access control to in-depth features such as enterprise dashboard and drill-down reporting.

“Everything writes back into the PMS, which is a big key,” said Marlatt. “It’s less data entry for our team members, and makes everything more efficient.”