Best of Tech: Partner With Your Practice Technology

By Jill Nesbitt, MBA, Strategic Customer Success Manager, Henry Schein One

This year, I was asked to join a technology panel at the 2022 DEO Growth Summit in Arizona. Just walking through the summit, it was easy to see there is an explosion of new technology solutions for dentistry. On one hand, this is amazing! And on the other, it becomes like the cereal aisle in the grocery store — overflowing with so many choices it can lead to analysis paralysis. This got me thinking about how DSOs select practice technology and what I’ve seen from my work with practices across the country.  

When I talk with DSO leaders about the technology in their practices, the conversation quickly moves past specific features and instead targets the overall value these solutions bring and the impact of increased efficiency. Leaders in growing multilocation groups are tight on time and need ways to drive EBITDA. Oftentimes, adding technology is an opportunity to increase the efficiencies of their team and extend management through consistent workflows across locations.

I repeatedly see that practice owners often need more than just great technology. They need a partner that can help drive value, and that means looking at the overall experience of working with a technology vendor: implementations, training, data management, speed, support and customer success. Yes, they want software that works, but they also need a technology partner who can make their jobs — and lives — more efficient, productive and easier. 

When looking for a practice technology, dental leaders are asking: How will it impact my team, my patients and the value of our DSO? I encourage adopting dental technology that can help your organization in numerous areas, including:

  • Standardizing workflows. Look for a professionally led implementation process that integrates a solution to standardize workflows across your organization to save time and align locations.
  • Centralizing data. Look for a cloud-based system that reports across locations so you can share data across your organization.
  • Increasing efficiency. Look for built-in task automation to reduce or eliminate repetitive tasks so your team can work smarter.
  • Improving patient experience. Consider how patients will interact with online scheduling, payment and treatment plans — and look how to integrate them.
  • Growing and scaling. Consider how quickly and easily your team can learn the new system. Additionally, look for a solution that doesn’t require new expensive equipment and makes adding new locations easy.
  • Increasing EBITDA value. Identify the highest value features in the software and implement them! The DSO that invests the time to set up, train and implement the top features enjoys the highest level of efficiency and revenue growth opportunities.

Dentrix Ascend cloud-based practice management software focuses on delivering the Henry Schein One experience, bringing together all the resources that best support practices for a dependable experience. Dentrix Ascend keeps all your data in one place so you can standardize processes while increasing your efficiency. It’s easy to use, grows with you and can help to increase the EBITDA of your DSO or group. 

What you do is incredibly hard and time-consuming. Henry Schein One can be your trusted partner to support your business goals. Learn more by requesting a consultation at

Jill Nesbitt

Jill Nesbitt, MBA, is a strategic customer success manager with Henry Schein One.