5 Different AI Platforms to Help You Stay Ahead of This Rapidly GrowingTechnology

Exploring the transformative impact of AI, technological shifts, and highlighting its potential benefits and challenges.

By C. P. Keyser, DEO

As 2023 winds down, it is clear that the hottest hot-button topic is AI and how the new technology is changing the world. AI has gone from being a villain in a sci-fi movie to being a tool that people are starting to use daily to improve their businesses and lives.

Much like when the Internet started hitting homes in the ’90s, things changed quickly. People were scared of losing their jobs and wondered what effect it would have on children. The Internet was a technology disruptor, and now we are at a time when AI technology is changing things again.

Jobs will be lost, and some industries will see radical changes as new technology takes hold. Occupations like graphic designers, lawyers, doctors, content creators, and even auditors will be forced to adapt to the new reality that AI is creating. 

Every industry will feel the waves of change hit as AI starts making some of our daily tasks, and some jobs obsolete.

But, it’s nothing new.

The telegraph ended the Pony Express.

Video killed the radio star.

Streaming took out the video rental industry.

For every industry that the new technology will hurt, there will be many that thrive.

When computers were introduced to NASA, humans like Katherine Gobel who did the calculations by hand started to become obsolete. The people that got the space program off the ground were not the same people that built the space station. 

Calculations were no longer done by hand, but people had to know how to work and read the machines that were doing the tough calculations. 

We’re at a point where AI technology will become just part of our lives and businesses in the near future. We’re not quite there yet, but there are AI tools that can cut costs and save time for your dental business. 

As these new technologies develop, it will be important to stay on top of the emerging industry that is being created to make life and business easier.

New doors will open, and it is important to recognize the opportunities that will sprout as this new technology grows. Gary Vaynerchuk started his digital marketing career by email when nobody else was emailing people. Back when it was brand new.

He didn’t create anything new, but just simply used the new technology to reach new customers in different ways. As AI develops, it is important to grow with it and see what tools can make your life better.

There are new AI tools and resources available every week and even in the early stages of this technological revolution, these tools can save a lot of time and money in different scenarios. Everyone talks about ChatGPT, but what else is coming out of this new industry? 

Here are five AI platforms that solve a wide variety of problems. Next time you have a project or task, try some of these AI platforms and see if you can start saving some time and money.


What Is It? – Fliki is a text-to-video or text-to-voice platform that can take your written copy and turn it into videos with voice-overs. 

Application – Fliki can be used to improve your videos on websites, training, and HR videos, as well as with content creation for your social media.

Looka Logo Maker looka.com

What Is It? – Looka Logo Maker will do exactly what it sounds like. Make a beautiful logo and build cohesive branding for your business with Looka.

Application – It doesn’t matter if you have any design skills or never made a logo before. Looka will use AI technology to help bring your ideas to life and then finalize your logo. 

Playground AI playgroundai.com

What Is It? – Playground AI is where you can go to turn text into art. Make graphics with text prompts and you can even use images as starter images.

Application – Whenever you need an image for social media, for ads, or for recruiting, AI can save time and money. Creating your own image for social media could really help capture the eyes of potential patients. 

Tutor AI tutorai.me

What Is It? – Tutor AI is an AI-powered learning platform where you can simply enter any topic and almost instantly are given various options you can use to learn about that topic.

Application – If you search, “how to fill a tooth cavity”, you will be given four different modules on “understanding cavities”, “types of dental fillings”, “procedure for filling a cavity” and “cavity prevention and maintenance”. This is much easier than going to Google to learn something. Just type what you want to learn, and let the growth begin.

Durable Durable.co

What Is It? – Durable is an AI website builder that will take your ideas and turn them into a website with copy and graphics.

Application – Remember having to get a website designer to build you a website, not anymore. You can simply use Durable to build you a website with basic prompts. This is perfect if you are starting a personal brand website, or need to make something for a promotional launch. 

These are just a few of the hundreds of AI tools that are out there and available for use. These are also just a sample of what is possible as AI technology grows. Artificial intelligence isn’t going anywhere, and as our world changes it is important to grow with technology.  

C. P. Keyser is the CRO Specialist for the DEO, Author of “100 Digital Marketing Ideas: 100 Awesome Promotions, Contests & Content Ideas For Small Businesses In A Digital World”. Keyser founded one of the first social media management companies in the world, and also co-founded NFT Gaming and Collectibles. He is an influencer in the NFT space of crypto gaming and digital collecting.