Comprehensive Cleaning Solutions

Why the right ultrasonic cleaning solution can make all the difference in effective sterilization practices for dentists.

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Ensuring that your instruments are clean and ready to go is a huge part of daily operating in any dental practice. The reputation of your practice and the safety of your patients depends on clean instruments at every appointment.

Infection control procedures have always been of the utmost importance for dental care, which is why the ultrasonic cleaning solution is a revelation of sterilization practices. Prior to the use of technologically advanced cleaners like the ultrasonic bath, dentists had to clean all their instruments by hand, a difficult and time-consuming process that hardly provided the level of cleanliness that modern technology provides.

Ultrasonic cleaning uses high frequency sound waves, transmitted through a solution of water and detergent. As the sound waves pass through the liquid, it causes the formation of microscopic bubbles which are forced to expand and implode, causing an activity called cavitation. This is essentially a scrubbing effect, which gently removes off the surface area of anything submerged in the tank. 

Improving the performance of your ultrasonic bath

Because instrument sanitization plays such a pivotal role in the health and wellness of your patients, it’s critical to optimize the performance of your ultrasonic bath as much as possible. While it can be effective on its own, implementing the right detergent will give you and your patients better results. Solmetex has designed the PowerSonic Ultrasonic Cleaning Solution to charge the actions of your ultrasonic bath and instrument washer using nano-oxygen bubbles for instantaneous odor and organic matter elimination. 

The PowerSonic Ultrasonic Cleaning Solution effectively removes debris, reduces ultrasonic bath sludge and odor, and inhibits the formation of rust. Even after the cleaning process, PowerSonic works to support bacterial digestion when aspirated into the suction system. Additionally, PowerSonic works to reduce rust formation on your instruments, residue byproducts of decaying wastes, and the oxidation of foul gases.

This cleaner is plant and mineral based, requires no mixing, and the container is storage-friendly for dental practices. The environmentally friendly formulation rapidly removes proteins, lipids, and debris, resulting in clean and sterilized instruments every single time. When you use the PowerSonic cleaner, you are effectively reducing the ultrasonic bath sludge caused by the ultrasonic bath, improving the overall performance of your appliance.

Solmetex has focused on manufacturing the most comprehensive eco-friendly line of products to assist dental practices achieve compliance with the ever-changing regulatory mandates affecting the dental industry for over 25 years. Solmetex products help prevent contamination of our waterways and comply with the water safety regulations. The Solmetex mission is to provide safety solutions that Protect Your Patients, Your Practice and Your Community.