CEREC® Primescan by Dentsply Sirona

Equipment Guide

CEREC® Primescan by Dentsply Sirona is the fastest, most accurate intraoral scanner on the market today, taking digital impressioning to a higher level of quality*.  The innovative Smart Pixel Sensor processes more than 1,000,000 3D points per second, producing photorealistic and highly accurate data. Its dynamic depth scan technology enables perfect sharpness and outstanding precision, even at a measuring depth up to 20 mm – a crucial advantage for sub-gingival indications.

Primescan’s unique technology allows for easy capturing and quicker processing of more data in higher resolution. Intelligent processing in Primescan ensures the optimal interaction with the software by transmitting exactly the data the software needs to proceed. The result: Complete 3D-scan models are displayed immediately, no matter how fast you scan.

Clinicians can determine whether CEREC Primescan is right for their dental practice by considering the following:

  • What has kept me away from digital impressions or CAD/CAM?
  • “What are the workflow benefits and cost savings associated with scanning and sending to the lab?
  • Would the ability to add implants, ortho or sleep apnea treatment help my practice grow?”
  • “What materials am I using with my lab for crowns? Could these same materials be used with single visit dentistry?

Some dentists may question whether it’s practical to purchase the CEREC Primescan:

  • “Is Primescan really worth between $45,000 for DI and $155,000 for single visit dentistry?”
    • Yes! Your doctors are already paying this. A practice placing 16 crowns a month that normally take two visits to place can save almost $24,000 in its first year using a CEREC Single Visit restoration workflow.
  • “I’m not sure I have the time to learn a new technology.”
    • Primescan is fast and easy from the very first scan. The newly designed software utilizes AI for a five-click concept, which automates many of the design steps, such as auto margin and model axis generation. CEREC has the largest community of support and education through multiple programs from Dentsply Sirona and partners.

CEREC Primescan is your perfect starting point into digital dentistry. No matter how you design your workflows, CEREC Primescan facilitates efficient digital workflows – both chairside at your practice and with your preferred partners. With flexible options that complement the way you work, CEREC can produce anything from single-unit crowns to implant abutments, surgical guides and more. CEREC Primescan eliminates the need for impression materials and inconvenient temporaries, reducing in-office time for patients and increasing efficiency for a range of workflows.

Editor’s note: Sponsored by Dentsply Sirona.

* Accuracy of complete- and partial-arch impressions of actual intraoral scanning systems in-vitro Andreas ENDER (PD Dr med dent), Moritz ZIMMERMANN (Dr med dent), Albert MEHL (Prof Dr med dent Dr rer nat), University of Zurich, Int J Comput Dent. (publishing date: March 2019).