Case Acceptance and Practice Growth: How to Get More ‘Yes’ and Increase Revenue

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Did you know that only 34% of recommended dental treatment is actually performed on patients? Let’s talk about why acceptance rates are so low and what you can do about it. 

By AcceptCare

The relationship between case presentation and case acceptance has always been tenuous, especially when it comes to new patients where the acceptance rate can be as low as 25%. 

Your patient is in your chair, you performed the exam and presented the treatment. Shouldn’t getting your patient to say “yes” to treatment be the easy part? While there can be many reasons for the hesitancy to say “yes”, there are some obvious reasons to point out. The good news is, they’re the same ones we can help overcome.

Why are case acceptance rates so low?

Many practices will provide the treatment presentation in one room (e.g. exam room) but have the patient move to another room/person for the payment presentation. Additionally, both aspects of the treatment presentation spectrum are often done on different platforms. The lack of synergy between treatment presentation and payment option presentation is what causes patients to hesitate and deliberate on case acceptance. 

In addition to the disjointed treatment presentation process, there’s of course the “how am I going to pay for this” part. Here are the main reasons people say no to treatment when it comes to payment options: 

  • Limited payment options for patients.
  • Lack of patient choice for payment terms/interest rates.
  • Limited financing approvals that do not cover complete care costs.
  • Credit score not optimum.

If you’re offering a healthcare credit card or in-house financing only, there’s a better way to “get the yes” from your patients. 

More than financing. It’s a case acceptance engine that puts the power of choice in the patients’ hands, boosting acceptance rates and revenue. 

The power of patient choice

AcceptCare alleviates the 3 main pain points when it comes to increasing case acceptance: 

1. Present your treatment plan and payment options together. 

2. Patients can pick from multiple payment or financing options, and choose the terms that work for them.

3. Automated text and email allows patients to review and choose a plan even after leaving the practice.

Your practice can:

  • Easily present treatment and payment options in one place.
  • Accurately track and measure case acceptance rates.
  • Increase same-day starts. 

Your patients can:

  • Pick the plan and options that work best for them.
  • Apply for loans from multiple lenders from one platform.
  • Sign and approve your treatment and payment plan on one platform.

It’s simple, seamless and powerful. It’s the only all-in-one treatment and fee presentation solution in dentistry and it will change the way your present treatment. 

Give your patients an easier and more flexible treatment acceptance experience and grow your practice today. 

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