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Unlock the secrets to building a thriving dental organization with DEO’s Growth Secrets Podcast.

Emmet Scott, DEO Partner and host, interviews a diverse line-up of dental industry leaders, revealing the secrets behind their success and extracting the tactics and tools they used along the way that can be incorporated by all listeners. In each episode, guests share their wisdom and insights in never-before-told stories that dig deeper into the challenges, failures, and triumphs that leaders face as they strive to build thriving organizations.

EP 184: Student Loan Repayments: What it Means for You as a Dental Leaders

Jake Puhl

After more than three years, in June 2023, Congress ended the student loan payment pause, which suspended payments and interest for the duration of the pandemic. This fall, more than 28 million borrowers returned to repayment, an unprecedented challenge for both borrowers and the Department of Education. Listen to this episode to hear hosts, Emmet Scott and Jake Puhl, and the DEO Members discuss the potential impact this will have on the dental industry.


EP 185: The Secret to Scaling: The Power of Organizing Your Ideas

Want the keys to scaling your dental group business? Listen to this episode where host Emmet Scott breaks down one of the most overlooked secrets to growth: organization and prioritization. Unlike traditional growth strategies like capital, or team expansion, Scott introduces the a project management system (IDOPE) where all ideas are first documented, organized, prioritized, and then executed. It’s a simple, yet highly effective method to supercharge your business. By utilizing this system, you are bound to create clarity and focus for yourself, your team, and your business, by ensuring the projects being worked on are truly making an impact. If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed, this episode is for you!

EP 186: Revolutionizing Dentistry: Maximizing Profitability with Rectangle Health’s Tech Solutions

Brian Doyle

In this episode, Emmet Scott interviews Brian Doyle of Rectangle Health where they explore the crucial topic of profitability in dental practices. Together, they navigate the landscape of Rectangle Health’s innovative solutions, including post-adjudication balance collection, virtual insurance card processing, and waitlist management with patient self-scheduling. Discover how these tools simplify payment processes, automate insurance tasks, and optimize scheduling, ultimately boosting revenue and enhancing the patient experience. Doyle emphasizes the pivotal role of technology in reducing costs and increasing efficiency, making this episode a must-listen for dental professionals looking to stay ahead in the industry. This podcast was sponsored by Rectangle Health