Beyond the Microphone

Unlock the secrets to building a thriving dental organization with DEO’s Growth Secrets Podcast.

Emmet Scott, DEO Partner and host, interviews a diverse line-up of dental industry leaders, revealing the secrets behind their success and extracting the tactics and tools they used along the way that can be incorporated by all listeners. In each episode, guests share their wisdom and insights in never-before-told stories that dig deeper into the challenges, failures, and triumphs that leaders face as they strive to build thriving organizations.

EP 180: Fueling DSO Growth with AI: Strategies for Scalability and Success

Florian Hillen
Founder & CEO, Videa Health
Adam McDaniel
Segment Manager, Henry Schein One

In this episode, Emmet hosts Adam McDaniel, Segment Manager, Henry Schein One, and Florian Hillen, Founder & CEO, VideaHealth, to discuss AI and how it can boost dental company growth. They examine AI’s capabilities, the opportunities it offers, and contingencies to be aware of. Emmet, Adam, and Florian break down whether AI can really leverage value between the team and the patient and likewise for associates and standard of care. They cover many other tech/AI topics such as integrating software, simplifying daily tasks, using AI for research and marketing, and much more. (Sponsored by Henry Schein One)

EP 181: Navigating Inflation in Dental: Unique Solutions To Save on Labor & Billing Costs

Brenda McNulty
Dental Group Direct
Victoria Johnson
Chief Growth Officer of RCM Solutions
J.W. Oliver Jr.
Managing Partner

Emmet hosts J.W. Oliver Jr., Managing Partner; Brenda McNulty, Dental Group Director; and Victoria Johnson, Chief Growth Officer of RCM Solutions; all of SupportDDS to explore how inflation is affecting the dental industry and forcing dental entrepreneurs to rethink their strategies, especially with growing labor and patient acquisition costs. They cover unique solutions that technology offers to help mitigate the effects of an inflationary rollercoaster economy, including centralizing and offshoring workload with remote teams while maintaining high-quality customer service. They overview how adding remote team members to your staff works, and discuss tasks/services virtual staff can cover, revenue cycle management, hiring, retention, cost savings, opportunities, contingencies, software integrations, culture, wages, and much more. (Sponsored by SupportDDS)

EP 182: Commercial Real Estate Ownership for Dental Practice Owners 

Kyle Henderson
Head of Acquisitions

Emmet speaks with Kyle Henderson, Head of Acquisitions, Withco about “all things” real estate investment. In particular, Kyle discusses a real estate investment strategy that emphasizes properties crucial for a business’s income generation, often referred to as “mission critical locations.” He explains why dental facilities are a prime example of such essential locations. Kyle shares the key benefits of commercial real estate ownership for dental practice owners. Emmet and Kyle cover why investing your capital in your practice is a worthy financial move to consider because it allows you to have more control of your financial future. (Sponsored by Withco)