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Sarah Sharfstein

EP 121: How to Scale in Multiple Areas

In this episode, Emmet Scott welcomes Sarah Sharfstein, Vice President, Category Development & Strategy at Aspen Dental. They discuss how to scale in multiple areas simultaneously – what’s needed to support both clinicians and at the practice level to be successful. Sarah gives an inside view into the strategies Aspen is using to scale. She and Emmet dig deep into the challenges, potential solutions, and opportunities that come with adding specialties to any dental organization. Before joining Aspen’s leadership, Sarah spent about 12 years at Invisalign in a variety of different roles. From her experience, it was a natural transition into her role at Aspen to help develop their orthodontic category, driving its utilization in a scalable way to deliver good clinical outcomes.

Kimberlee Mulkay

EP 126: Best Practices for Collecting All Your Accounts Receivable (AR)

Ken Kaufman hosts Kimberlee Mulkay, Sales & Customer Success Manager, Abella AR to discuss “all things AR/financing.” Kimberlee shares tips and tricks that dental groups are employing to effectively – and successfully – collect and create the best outcomes. Kimberlee and Ken touch on the importance of incorporating convenience, a variety of payment options, and payment plans to patients. Technology and software’s role in AR is also discussed, as well as many other financing topics and challenges, including how to streamline methods when scaling with de novos and acquisitions.

EP 138: Comparing Dental with Other Healthcare

Ken Kaufman hosts Julie Serewicz, CFO, Hero Practice Services, to discuss some of the similarities and differences between healthcare verticals. Hero is in six states, and has both dental and vision practices. Julie speaks from the unique vantage point of being a CFO of both practice types, offering takeaways on their complexities as well as opportunities. Ken and Julie discuss many topics, including accounting methods, P&Ls, EHR, financial metrics, and much more.