Best of Tech: Patients that Fit Your Practice

How dental group practices can find patients who fit their unique needs.

By Dental Intelligence

For several years now, Dental Intelligence has regularly received calls from customers asking for help with some variation of the following:

  • “We’re trying to find all of our patients that are covered by XYZ Insurance. Can you help us?”
  • “Is there any way to ONLY see the patients we’ve presented crowns to in the last three months?”
  • “We want to print out a report showing us every patient we’ve presented over $500 in treatment to in the last six months who still have insurance dollars available. Is that possible?”

All of those questions point to one shared desire – practices want to find the right kind of patients. Is there such a thing? Are some patients “better” than other patients? When it comes to achieving your practice’s goals, the answer is a resounding yes. So how can you find and schedule more of the right kind of patients? 

Dental Intelligence Patient Finder was built to solve this exact problem. It allows practices to quickly and efficiently find patients who fit their unique needs. With 27 filter options, you can create customized lists that fit existing patients into empty appointment slots. Most often, the best targets will be patients who have:

  • Unscheduled treatment
  • Remaining insurance dollars
  • A history of on-time payments
  • A high treatment acceptance rate
  • No history of cancellations or no-shows

Or whatever else is most important to your practice. 

What is your current method for identifying these kinds of patients and scheduling them for treatment? If you’re anything like most of the wonderful dentists we work with, your answer might be something like, “We print out the lists of all these patients and try to make contact with them.” That’s great news!

Does this approach allow you to customize your list by criteria important to you and to these patients? Does your printed-list (or equivalent) system enable you to prioritize which patients should be contacted, and in which order, based on the type of dentistry you most want to provide? Also, how long does it take for you to generate such a list, and how inclusive is the data you are drawing from?

Here’s the great news: You are already working hard, every day, to try and get as many of these patients as possible back onto the schedule. Doesn’t it make sense to use a tool that can significantly reduce the amount of time you spend doing so? And wouldn’t you also want to ensure that you are capturing every possible search criterion when identifying the patients most in need of care?

Patient Finder is changing the way that thousands of practices practice dentistry. Before now, it was literally impossible to do an efficient AND comprehensive search of your practice management software for the patients and procedures you were interested in. But now, you can absolutely do so, quickly and easily.

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