Advanced Software Modules and Applications Lead to More Dedicated Patient Care

Sponsored: Carestream Dental

How can doctors in group practices provide the same dedicated care and attention to each and every patient? The skill and patience of the doctor are crucial, of course, supported by a confident analysis, efficient treatment planning and patient buy-in. However, the busy nature of group practice presents a challenge to giving each case the consideration it deserves. That’s where advanced software modules can become a powerful tool.

Confident Analysis
Dental software modules are designed to give users more confidence in their work. Automation, color-coding, easy-to-generate reports, visualization tools and simple customization options are all features that assure doctors of more predictable results when analyzing the best path forward.

Efficient Treatment Planning
Software modules that digitally automate what is typically a manual process can save valuable time for clinicians. Additionally, software that’s intuitive, easy-to-learn and requires only a few clicks to use means doctors can go from treatment planning to treatment presentation faster.

Better Patient Communication
Powerful visualization tools are an advantage to case acceptance. Simulations of treatment or easy-to-understand color-coding help patients understand their options and give them peace of mind when accepting treatment.

Carestream Dental Solutions
A few things are for certain—to manage workflow and coordinate patient care efficiently, software modules must be intuitive, easy to use and compatible with existing applications and equipment. Fortunately, Carestream Dental prides itself on workflow integration, meaning its software is designed to integrate seamlessly with existing Carestream Dental hardware.

CS Model+
CS Model+ has redefined the orthodontic workflow by completely automating the segmentation, setup and analysis process for digital models. Once the model is setup, CS Model+ lets doctors examine different potential treatment approaches and also assess a case’s level of difficulty from a wide range of common industry standards.

Easy-to-generate reports and visually rich simulations of treatment options are helpful when relaying treatment options to patients and referrals. The CS 9300, CS 8100 3D and CS 8100SC 3D imaging systems or the CS 3600 intraoral scanner can be used to acquire digital models for analysis by the CS Model+ module.

CS Airway
The CS Airway module allows doctors to easily trace and analyze patient’s airway in 3D. The airway can be segmented in as few as two clicks and the software automatically calculates total volume, minimum cross-sectional area, minimum Anterior-Posterior and Left-Right measurements. Clinicians can visualize airway passage constriction thanks to a color-coded 3D view of the pharyngeal region; this color-coding also helps them communicate conditions and treat- ment plan to patients. CS Airway is compatible with the CS 9300 and CS 9300.

Adding software modules to the workflow of a group practice gives doctors the ability to review every patient’s case with the highest level of attention to detail.

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