Wrapping Things Up

The last quarter of a year is a very hectic, stressful time for businesses. A dental practice is no different. It is typically crunch time for patients to use their dental benefits before they expire. End-of-year is also a time to make sure you are hitting your business goals for that year while planning, or trying to plan, for 2015.

Adding to the end-of year-work mix are the personal goals of enjoying family time and using any remaining vacation days for rest and relaxation.

After you’ve reflected on your business practices of 2014 and begun planning for 2015, grab a hot chocolate and enjoy some of the valuable and strategic content we are providing you in this issue.

Dr. Quinn Dufurrena provides interesting insight into the growth of DSOs and the reasoning behind the ADSO name change.

Our cover story on office design delivers in-depth information and tips on cutting edge design and trends, both esthetic and practical.

Wrapping up this issue of Efficiency is our article on nitrous oxide and its use in a DSO / group setting.

I would just like to say that 2014 has been an exceptional year for Efficiency in Group Practice and we appreciate the support of our advertising partners, our editorial board, and the group practice / DSO community. Next year should be an even better year and we plan to grow as our readership does.

Until next year,
Bill Neumann

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