Company Spotlight: Win Win Win!

Leveraging a remote team, while making a Global Impact.

Busy! We’re all caught up in the cycle of to-do-lists, career, family and commitments in every category. As Stephen Covey says, we work on the “urgent” when we should focus on the “important.” What are those important objectives in life that seem to get the best of our good intentions? What priority is at the top of our goal list, but seems to get by-passed by the fire flaming the brightest? What if you could incorporate an aspect of “ministry/good works” into your business and team on a day-to-day basis?

Welcome to the Win-Win-Win community!

At SupportDDS, we focus on our mission statement and core values, while allowing our customers to directly and indirectly participate in our ministries. Our mission statement is simple:

“A Commitment to Excellence, while making a Global Impact for the Kingdom.”

Our core values:

  • Humility
  • Faithfulness
  • Generosity
  • Inspirational
  • Excellence

Three wins

We have an intentional focus on the three wins:

  • Win for our clients who get an amazing remote team member
  • Win for the team member, who becomes gainfully employed and self-reliant
  • Win for ministries who benefit from our commitment to donate 51% of our profits

Win for the clients. Our teams in Zimbabwe bring a work ethic, a desire to succeed, and a commitment to be their very best with their prospective client/employer. Our clients are able to tap into Africa’s “top country” in terms of university education and who speak the “Queen’s English.” This positions them not only being able to handle most dental office tasks, but be client facing. We currently have team members with the title of “Director of First Impressions.” If that is not enough of a win, add a savings of up to 70% on traditional hiring.

Win for team member. In a country where the unofficial unemployment rate ranges as high as 80%, you are making an impact not only in the life of your new team member, but most likely in their extended family as well. The salary provides an immediate reward from the dedication and financial sacrifice most must endure to attain their degrees/certifications. You are making an immediate impact on their livelihood, self-esteem, and future. 

Win for Ministry.

Win for ministries worldwide. The founding partners both made a commitment that this would be a venture dedicated to being life-changing for our teams, beneficial to Christian ministries worldwide, and “owned” by God. Ministries receive 51% of all profits on a quarterly basis and range from local organizations and team member needs, Zimbabwe Ministries, and worldwide organizations such as Global Action, Harvest Ministries, and Global Impact. We also employ a full-time pastoral care team that directs our local ministries support, but also cares for the needs of our team members when they’re going through difficult financial, emotional, family and various life circumstances.

“SupportDDS offers remote/virtual resources into your practices and integrates them as part of your team and culture. We began with one and quickly have grown to five. They each are an integral part of our growth and customer service. As a Christian, the Win Win Win aspect was an important part of the decision as we are able to enhance our business while making an impact on lives around the world.” — Blake Foust, Alsbury Dental

Most important, as your new team members become a part of your organization’s “mission and culture,” they become like family! When integrated as part of your team, they’re truly irreplaceable and play a key role in your overall success.

We would love to show you how to experience the “Win Win Win” we offer at SupportDDS. 

What are you waiting for? Knock-out one of the “important” items on your to-do list.