Virtual XD Impression Materials

When was the last time you made your first impression your best impression?

Many characteristics can hinder a successful outcome when making impressions. Handling characteristics, material stability, taste/smell, viscosity, and setting times can all affect ease-of-use, impression accuracy and hence, restorative accuracy, and patient comfort. Not surprisingly, dentists and their teams have sought an impression material that is easier and more predictable to use, yet still captures fine marginal details.

With the recent introduction of the new Virtual® XD (Ivoclar Vivadent, Amherst, NY) vinyl polysiloxane (VPS) impression material system, the impression taking process has been simplified. The material has outstanding handling properties that achieve precise and accurate detail reproduction, are easy to remove without tearing, and provides patient comfort.

Virtual XD offers dental teams new benefits, such as:

  • optimized flow characteristics for deeper penetration into the sulcus and improved coverage of the preparation
  • advanced wetting ability for precise detail reproduction of both soft and hard tissue
  • higher tear strength to maintain the integrity of margins and fine detail upon removal of the impression

Don’t stress
Virtual XD materials do not flow uncontrollably. Once Virtual XD is extruded, the material remains on the prep and does not flow until pressure is applied. Once pressure is applied the material flows deep into the sulcus capturing fine details of the margin, providing clinicians with better control over the impression-making process and they don’t have to worry about the material flowing uncontrollably.

Extra definition
The advanced wetting ability of Virtual XD exhibit very low contact angles allowing the material to lay down on the prep and displace moisture. Virtual XD materials have the ability to spread easily across preparation surfaces, capturing the fine detail and extra definition necessary for achieving an accurate and outstanding restoration fit.

Easy to remove
Margin details are maintained with Virtual XD materials. The excellent tear resistance combined with outstanding elongation and recovery properties allow the material to stretch and release easily from the mouth without tearing. These properties reduce the overall risk of tearing fine margins and minimize the need for retakes.

The system includes both tray and wash material in fast and regular setting times, all featuring a fresh minty scent for the ultimate in patient comfort. Four viscosities included in the Virtual XD impression system (Putty, Heavy Body, Light Body, and Extra Light Body) are complemented by a new automatic material mixer for 380-ml cartridges, which features a designated mixing program and two mixing speeds for an optimal, void-free mix – making it a great investment for busier practices. A wall mount is also available for flexibility in an operatory set-up.

Impressions at ease
Virtual XD is a dealer delivered, high-quality VPS material from Ivoclar Vivadent. The handling properties put the patient and clinician at ease to make the best impression, increasing practice efficiency and eliminating retakes. With a mid-level price point and strong introductory promotions, Virtual XD materials are an excellent addition to any operatory.

So far, the clinical feedback about Virtual XD is tremendous. Dental clinicians who had previously been using more expensive, market-leading materials within the VPS product category love the benefits of working with Virtual XD: accurate impressions, reduced need for remaking impressions, and greater patient comfort with a minty scent, among others.

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