Unpacking the Top 3 DSO/Private Equity Deal Structures for Dental Entrepreneurs

Presented By: McLerran & Associates

Do you find the complexities of DSO and private equity deal structures confusing? Join us for our upcoming webinar to gain a comprehensive understanding of the 3 most common deal structures currently shaping today’s market. You’ll learn the pros and cons of each deal type, gain insight into the differing approaches of strategic versus financial buyers, including how they calculate EBITDA and structure deals, plus explore anticipated trends in buyer demand and recapitalization events for the coming year. This webinar is essential for dental entrepreneurs looking to strategically navigate their business decisions in a dynamic market.

What You’ll Learn in this Free Webinar:

  • Top 3 Deal Structures: Take a deep dive into the 3 most common structures shaping today’s dental market with intel to make informed decisions.
  • Evaluating Deal Structures: Learn the advantages and challenges associated with each deal to better evaluate available opportunities to achieve your goals.
  • Understand Buyer Perspective: Distinguish between strategic and financial buyers with insights on their approaches to EBITDA calculation and deal structuring.
  • Market Trends: Explore upcoming trends in buyer demand and recapitalization events anticipated over the next year.

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