The 3 Phone Trends Keeping DSOs Up at Night

Presented By: Call Box

In 2023, the average dental organization was unable to connect 22% of their patient calls to someone who could help. Of those patients who never received help, 27% hung up while waiting on extended holds and only 54% of new patients who called in looking for an appointment were actually converted into a scheduled visit. These metrics are not only hindering the growth of DSOs and leaving money on the table, they’re also leading to sleepless nights for every owner, dentist, manager, and executive. In this data-driven webinar, Call Box’s Sophia Kowalewski will delve into the root causes of these staggering metrics, and offer proven tactics to reverse downward trends and excel in an increasingly competitive dental environment.

What You’ll Learn in this Free Webinar:

  • Uncover the root cause of poor call connection and process-driven techniques to improve this critical metric
  • Discover where staff is missing the mark on converting new patient appointments
  • Learn how to make the phone your dental organization’s competitive advantage

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