The Heartland Dental Aesthetic Continuum

A decade of clinical dedication

Over the past 10 years, Heartland Dental’s Aesthetic Continuum has become the dental support organization’s premier clinical education course. The Continuum is an extensive, five-day clinical practicum that offers participating dentists the opportunity to diagnose, treat, plan and execute complete smile designs under the guidance of experienced mentor clinicians.

“Our vision is to improve the quality of restorations,” says Heartland Dental Clinical Director, Anna Singh, DMD, who also spearheads the Continuum. “We’ve combined all aspects of a smile design in this one program. It starts with planning the case and continues through the delivery. By defining steps, which are key to a successful case, we’re able to create plans that have more predictable outcomes for our clinicians. With these steps, dentists can achieve successful results.”

For participating patients, the Continuum can be a life-changing opportunity. Many people need and deserve smile designs but simply cannot afford them. With the Continuum, they receive brand new smiles that enhance both their health and self-esteem – all for a low cost that fits their budgets.

For participating dentists, it’s a valuable learning experience. Mentors and mentees meet during the case analysis phase and partner as they work toward case delivery. Transferring their knowledge from past Continuums, mentors shorten the learning curve for mentees. In addition, the relationship formed between the two extends beyond the course and provides the mentee with a trusted colleague to pose questions to and seek guidance.

The Continuum’s goal of producing beautiful, natural smiles is attractive for participants. But it’s also the program within a program – the knowledge passed from mentor to student – that continually fuels growth in the Aesthetic Continuum and keeps it going strong.

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