Centralization of Services

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How to elevate your team to greater efficiencies and customer experiences for your Dental Group.

How often does a patient enter a dental practice only to be “greeted” by a team member who is busy on the phone? Does your team enjoy being on hold for hours at a time with the insurance company or performing repetitive time-consuming tasks? Do your patients see the level of stress within the walls of your practice? 

SupportDDS acts as an extension of your practice while performing multiple important tasks and duties on your behalf. Your “in-office” team will be freed up to perform high-value objectives and greet patients to establish relationships that will make your practice thrive and stand out! 

Your team will also be grateful for the added support. When teams are unfettered and morale is high, the customer service level kicks into high gear. Your remote team members can work in areas of your practice that are often missed or performed poorly due to time constraints.

No more excuses – only results! 

This article answers four common questions around centralization of services.

No. 1: What is the biggest challenge that your clients face on a day-to-day basis? 

Group practices from small-emerging to the large, more mature groups typically face the same obstacles; How to manage costs while growing to the next level. Team compensation is the number one expense in all-sized dental groups. This can be mitigated by the development of centralized teams and offshore/remote workers. Centralization is a major step in reducing the complexity of each individual office while reducing fixed overhead. This allows your “in-office” team members to work exclusively on providing a red-carpet experience for your patients. 

No. 2: How does centralization of services allow dental group practices to deliver great patient experiences? 

You’re familiar with the phrase “Jack of all Trades, Master of None.” Centralization allows you to create masters of their respective trades, while the office team focuses on the patient experience. Create experts in the systems that you have found effective and provide them with ownership over those tasks. Remote team members can then handle all the tasks that take so much valuable time from the patient experience; Inbound calls, scheduling, insurance verification, revenue cycle management, hygiene recare, claims follow-up and new patient initial calls for first impressions. Even adding a director of “First Impressions”’ can be pivotal in the patient experience.

No. 3: What are some ways you measure your service’s effectiveness? 

SupportDDS has a variety of ways to measure your remote team member’s effectiveness. First, you will see the increased productivity and reduced workload and stress levels of your in-office team. We provide formats for daily, weekly or monthly reporting formats depending on the requested frequency desired by each DSO/dental office. Your practice management software will also be updated in real time as the work is performed by your remote team members. All of our systems are HIPAA certified and your specific team member can utilize “Splashtop” if needed for remote desktop login. Our teams are trained on each of the major practice management software systems to be effective from day one on your team. You may customize the processes to meet the company objectives while still measuring important KPIs.

No. 4: How do you find the right fit for your clients? 

We are committed to finding the ideal team member for your practice. The first step is exploring the specific tasks you envision your team members will work on. We discuss what type of personality would be a good fit with your team culture and what types of skills sets would have the greatest benefit for your practice. Next, you will video interview 2-3 pre-trained candidates to select the best fit to add to your team. There is no obligation to move forward from the interviews, but oftentimes the hardest part is deciding which person to hire! They are all so very eager to work and excited to get hired by a U.S.-based company. Zimbabwe has an extremely high unemployment rate, which translates into an abundance of university educated team members anxious to get started. Our HR recruitment team sorts through hundreds of resumes to narrow it down to a select few. These candidates go through several interviews before being offered the opportunity to proceed through our “Support DDS Dental Training Program.” They must receive outstanding marks to be considered a part of your remote team.

Three Wins

SupportDDS is unlike any other by focusing on “Three Wins”:

1. A Win for The Practice. By reducing your staffing costs by up to 70% you will have the opportunity to expand your practice to fit your growing needs, while elevating your existing team.

2. A Win for The People of Zimbabwe. Men and women are given the opportunity to rise up out of their non-working status with jobs that provide for them and their families.

3. A Win for Ministries Around the World. 51% of all profits are donated to Christian ministries. A WIN for the kingdom.

If you’re looking to enhance your dental practice while increasing efficiencies, then SupportDDS is your answer. Our team members will act as an extension of your practice which will allow your in-office team to focus on the practice mission and vision for patient care. Forget the worries of team members leaving you high and dry for the next best opportunity and allow our loyal, educated team to step up the plate. You’ll be happy that you did!

Client Testimonial

Tanner Applegate COO Underbite Management and Consulting

“At this time in history, we find ourselves at a very unique crossroads. The job market for finding effective talent in our local markets has become one that’s increasingly difficult. At this same time, technology has accelerated the availability of global talent. Due to technology causing an availability of global talent and the increase of difficulty to find talent locally, we at Underbite have found SupportDDS to be the perfect solution to the perfect storm. Thanks to SupportDDS’ platform and solutions, we’re able to hire incredible talent across the world at a fraction of the cost. I recommend SupportDDS’ platform to anyone that’s hoping to move their team hiring needs into a more modern approach!”