Relying on your SEO strategy in an uncertain time

You have so much on your plate now. Our world has been turned upside down like never during our lifetimes. The COVID-19 outbreak shut down dental offices across the country. Now, many are considering when to return and how to return. But as states are trying to reopen their economies, dentistry has been identified by OSHA as a high-risk job for potentially contracting the new coronavirus.

So how do you handle it all? How can you reassure your staff and your patients that it’s safe to return? And how will your practice change under the new ADA guidelines for reopening?

Where does your SEO strategy fit in during this uncertain time?

The answer is simple: your SEO strategy can lead you to new heights as your office reopens. Dental groups that have been practicing strong SEO habits before are in prime position to capitalize on this new opportunity, and those who haven’t in the past can use this opportunity to start anew on their SEO strategy.

With dental offices closing during the COVID-19 pandemic and many changing their business operations as they reopen, teledentistry has almost become a clinical necessity overnight. Many of these platforms can increase the impact of all scales of your oral health programs and some are waiving setup fees during this time of rebound. If your practice has onboarded teledentistry, it’s something that can draw in new patients and it must be promoted through your SEO channels.

Make sure to keep your patients up to date on your website and social media feeds about your new office safety procedures and any new benefits your office offers them. Organic search is a zero-sum game. If you choose to withdraw your SEO campaign during this unusual time, your competition will jump to the front of the line. As the industry comes back, it will be more difficult to regain old patients and obtain new ones. So, engage with your patients. Communicate your updated office hours on your website and on any business listings.

This is also a good time to audit your entire website to shed light on some of the current procedures you are focused on during this pandemic. Check your online reviews, answer them in a positive manner and update your office circumstances due to the pandemic. You may also want to refresh the look of your website and update your backlinks, which boosts your SEO results.

Your social media feeds should be used to educate your patients and potential new ones on dentistry procedures during this tough time. What’s important for the patient to know and remember? This will identify you as a trusted and knowledgeable source that they can turn to for answers. It’s the perfect time to position your dental practice as a thought leader in the industry.

New challenges bring new opportunities, and this is our biggest challenge yet. Be proactive with your marketing and SEO strategies, and let this challenge become the biggest opportunity of your career.