Patient Loyalty Hinges on Better Care, Powered by Artificial Intelligence

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AI-powered dentistry builds patient trust, improves operations and increases case acceptance rates.

By Tennli Nelson, VP of Business Development, VideaHealth

Tennli Nelson,
VP of Business Development, VideaHealth

Throughout my career in dental technology, I’ve met with thousands of practices to uncover exactly how my team can best support dental professionals. As today’s dental clinicians evaluate new tools, they’re looking for those that can help them provide better care and foster deeper trust with existing and new patients. While some hesitated to integrate new technologies into their practice, it was clear that the desired outcome for technology is more about delivering better care than ROI for these experts.

More and more dental service organizations (DSOs) and dental practitioners are turning to artificial intelligence (AI) as a must-have tool so teams can focus on providing the highest standard of care. Why? Because AI-powered dentistry is enabling better patient communication, building vital trust and loyalty that prevents patients from seeking care elsewhere. 

Reducing noise

Oftentimes the reality of running a dental practice prevents dental teams from being able to focus and provide the high-quality experience they want for their patients. “Noise” is a common but significant pain point in a dental office, whether it’s a patient showing up late, an upset child, or negotiating with insurance companies. All this noise adds up and affects the amount of time spent with each patient, preventing dentists from focusing and delivering the best experience possible. Effective dental AI technology has a unique ability to reduce these distractions in the workplace. 

Every second with a patient counts. That’s why having an AI solution that seamlessly fits into a practice’s workflow is critical. AI can instantly review patient records, making it easy to maintain clinical consistency, mitigate distractions, increase opportunities for personalized care and allow dentists to do their best work. 

Transparency equals retention

Dental practices often invest in attracting new patients, not realizing how many patients are slipping through the back door. AI makes it easier to ease patient concerns as it connects the doctor and the hygienist with patients in a way that builds peace of mind. With AI, clinicians bring objective data and visuals to important patient conversations.

AI has the computing power to instantly analyze millions of data points to ensure the insight clinicians share with their patients is accurate and impartial. Coupled with the clinician’s expertise, AI can minimize human error and bias, providing patients with a better overall clinical experience. The results are:

  • More accurate diagnoses 
  • Personalized care 
  • Efficiency gains
  • Improved patient communication
  • Higher case acceptance rates 

Finding the right solution

VideaHealth’s dental AI allows DSOs, dentists and hygienists to provide patients with higher-quality care, and the enhanced levels of trust the AI helps foster keeps patients coming back for more. A powerful tool, VideaHealth’s AI has been trained on 50 times more X-rays than a dentist will ever see throughout their career. The technology is proven to help reduce missed disease detection by 43% and diagnostic errors by 15%. Studies have shown that VideaHealth can identify cavities five years earlier than dentists, preventing what could be a simple filling from becoming a root canal.