March/April 2019

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A Call to Serve
How can DSOs deliver the best care possible?

Editor’s Note
The Big Picture

Meet the Efficiency in Group Practice
2019 Editorial Board

Women’s Influence in Dentistry
It’s not just about more women in leadership roles; it’s also about a better balance of male and female characteristics in the industry.

Oral Arguments
As researchers continue to make a connection between oral health and chronic disease, the question begs: What will this mean for dental professionals?

Growing Pains
Culture, clarity and talent development help define a DSO, especially as it grows in size

Faster, Easier, Better
Cone beam technology and 3D printing continue to be game-changers for dentists and patients alike

Dental Implants
Newer technology has made implants simpler and more accurate

2019 OSAP Annual Conference

Boot Camp 101!
Personal Protective Equipment

In Good Company
Shedding light on practicing hygiene in corporate dentistry

Industry News: Proof Positive
Burkhart’s Proven Solutions Center helps dental practices make the right equipment decisions.