Isolation and Evacuation Solutions for Any Dental Practice

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Recent disruptions and staffing shortages have created challenges almost everywhere, and the dental industry is no exception. Dental practices are having to meet the needs of their patients with fewer team members, leaving hygienists, assistants, and doctors to work independently. This is even further complicated by trying to maintain a sterile and dry work environment, while juggling the daily operational tasks that a dental practice requires to function. 

When dental teams are stretched too thin, it leaves more room for errors and mistakes, especially when it comes to isolation processes. Without the proper tools, patients can aspirate or swallow something during a routine procedure like a crown or implant, opening the possibility of patient injury and litigation.

To keep dental offices running as smoothly as possible, they need the proper tools to ensure that the workflow is streamlined and efficient, without compromising patient care. Zirc Dental Products develops devices that improve processes to help dental teams be safer, happier, and more efficient. Zirc’s extensive line of products is domestically manufactured in Buffalo, Minnesota, and shipped all over the world.

Improve your processes and procedures by implementing some of Zirc Dental’s isolation and evacuation products:

  • Mr. Thirsty One-Step
    Working alone is no joke and Mr. Thirsty One-Step helps clinicians juggle the many tasks at hand all while providing an elevated patient experience. This all-in-one device effectively retracts, isolates, and evacuates while keeping the airway free from fluid and debris. Available in three different sizes allowing for the perfect fit for a patient’s oral cavity. As a single-use, disposable device, clinicians don’t have to spend any time on maintaining or sterilizing Mr. Thirsty, effectively eliminating any risk of cross-contamination. This device connects to any existing high-volume suction valve, allowing it to be used in any operatory. With Mr. Thirsty One-Step, you are creating comfort for you and your patient. 
  • Pink Petal
    Designed by a hygienist to improve efficiency, the Pink Petal attaches to your saliva injector to provide a continuous, comfortable, hands-free suction that requires no additional attachments. The Pink Petal works to hold the saliva injector in the back corner of the patient’s mouth – right where it belongs. Made of soft, comfortable, thermal plastic elastomer, the Pink Petal is a latex-free and disposable device, saving you time and reducing the risk of contamination in your practice. This is an easy and affordable solution for practitioners who are looking to work efficiently, while giving each patient the time and care they deserve. 
  • Airway Armor
    Airway Armor is an essential tool in preventing aspiration and ingestion during a procedure, designed specifically for protecting the airway of the patient. This is an easy-to-use device that is comfortable for the patient and allows a full view of the mouth while in place. The Airway Armor is the stable and superior alternative to dental dams or gauze, providing a new level of protection for your patients and your practice. 
  • Insti-Dams®
    Every clinician who has ever placed a traditional rubber dam knows what a pain it is to get the dam material punched, placed correctly on the frame, and then pray it doesn’t rip. Zirc designed the Insti-Dam so that you could throw those fears out the window. Teams love that there are two styles to choose from. The blue original Insti-Dam that’s ideal for anterior isolation, or the purple relaxed-fit for working in the posterior. They both come pre-assembled on a flexible frame with a pre-punched hole making positioning easy and helps eliminate tearing. The compact design fits outside the patients’ lips making it much more comfortable for the patient. But wait, the best feature is that you don’t have to remove the dam to take mid-procedure x-rays! That alone helps make using Zirc’s Insti-Dam 44.8% faster than the historic traditional contraption.

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