Bringing Dental Practice Data into the Cloud

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Open Data Warehouse pioneer tab32 is revolutionizing the dental sector

People might not think of their local dentist’s office as a prime target for technological disruption — but that’s exactly what cloud-tech innovator tab32 has set out to do. In the 8 years since Kiltesh Patel founded the company, he has seen the industry embrace new technologies and evolve their data practices. Today’s dentists, he says, are much more sophisticated in their use of data and software to deliver cutting-edge care for patients, even in the face of pandemic-related challenges.

“Today’s dental practices, and especially Dental Services Organizations, are increasingly relying on cloud tech and Open Data Warehouse technologies to coordinate their operations,” Patel explained. “Just like any other sector, the dental industry is increasingly powered by data — and dentists and DSOs recognize the need for technologies that let them access, share, and use that data effectively.” 

To support that transformation, tab32 has developed industry-leading cloud Dental Practice Management Software (DPMS) — a patient-first solution that delivers comprehensive patient experiences through the entire value chain of the care continuum. Now, tab32 is extending its offering with Open Data Warehouse, the industry’s only data warehouse solution, using next-generation data science and machine learning features to revolutionize patient care and enable practices and DSOs to unlock growth opportunities.

The power of data

The game-changing Open Data Warehouse feature gives practices and DSOs on tab32’s platform full access to all of their data, allowing them to customize their reports and access analytics and business insights they didn’t previously have. “Our Open Data Warehouse is practice management agnostic,” said tab32’s Chief Strategy Officer Melissa LuVisi. “It’s incredibly powerful if you’re on the tab32 platform. But you don’t have to be on our platform to get access to our Open Data Warehouse product.”

In fact, one key innovation underpinning tab32’s Open Data Warehouse is its commitment to data interoperability. As patients move between orthodontists, pediatric dentists, oral surgeons, anesthesiologists, and other specialists, tab32 makes their data instantly available, enabling seamless communication and freeing both practitioners and admin staff from the burden of tracking down scattered records. 

Those capabilities are increasingly important as practices grow, LuVisi explained. Transitioning to the cloud is an important investment as dental businesses prepare for future growth, and it’s easiest to implement early in your growth journey. “You might think you’re too small to need a coordinated data solution, but it’s always best to implement cloud-based tech before you run into problems,” she said. “Your data infrastructure should support and enable your growth, not constrain it.” 

As the dental industry moves toward a DSO-led model, with practices joining into larger groups, such solutions will become increasingly important. Leveraging tab32’s Open Data Warehouse gives leaders visibility into all aspects of their business, across multiple practices, enabling them to make forecasts, unlock new efficiencies, and plan for their changing strategic needs. “The pandemic brought challenges for the dental industry,” LuVisi acknowledged. “At tab32, we’re giving DSOs and practitioners the tools they need to adapt and thrive.”