Bridging the Gap

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How quip helps dental organizations connect with Millennial and Gen Z patients.

By quip

In a world driven by technology and convenience, traditional dental practices are grappling to connect with younger, tech-savvy generations. It’s not just about offering a dental solution; it’s about providing an experience that aligns with their lifestyle and preferences. A manual toothbrush cannot teach at-home compliance, but quip can.

Modern Aesthetics Meets Habit Building: quip has coupled dental hygiene with revolutionizing the user experience. With an intrinsic design philosophy rooted in simplicity, usability, and affordability, quip has naturally resonated with the aesthetics-driven and tech-friendly Millennial and Gen Z cohorts. In an age where every product is an extension of one’s identity, quip has a sleek design that appeals to younger patients while simultaneously building better habits through technology. From two-minute built-in timers, to the included mirror mount/travel case, to Bluetooth technology and gamifying brushing, quip brings habit building and delight to the forefront of user experience.

Digital Engagement Drives At-Home Compliance: The quip app steps in, embodying the synthesis of technology and dental care. Designed for ages 13 and up, the app reinforces the golden rules of oral health: brushing twice a day for two minutes, regular flossing, rinsing, and bi-annual dental check-ups. Users are rewarded for their diligence. Whether manually logging routines or pairing with a quip Smart Brush for automatic tracking, users accumulate points. These can be redeemed for an array of rewards, from free products and refills to retail gift cards.

The app serves as both an educational platform and a hub of engagement, keeping oral care front and center in users’ minds. And with innovative features like virtual checkups, users are never more than a click away from professional oversight.

Retail Partnerships Provide Accessibility: The retail landscape has dramatically shifted, with Gen Z and Millennials gravitating towards stores like Target, Walmart and CVS. quip has brought a unique and accessible product offering to over 18,000+ retail doors. While only 20% of patients use power dental products, quip bridges the gap right there in the oral care aisle. In fact, 60% of quip shoppers are trying quip as their first electric toothbrush.

Social Proof for Patients: quip isn’t just a product; it’s a holistic experience. It’s a bridge for dental practices to encourage at-home compliance through rewarding good habits. By incorporating quip, dental practices can encourage manual brush users to transition to a gentle vibrating electric toothbrush that educates them on all the things a manual brush cannot (brush intensity, number of strokes, appropriate emphasis on all four quadrants of your mouth and a full two-minute brush). Dental offices can even take it a step further and reward patients for sharing their brushing scores in-office at every bi-annual teeth cleaning. quip can support your patients by building better at-home compliance and can even help ease the transition to an electric toothbrush through a gentler experience. Learn more at or on Instagram: @quip.pros.