Bluephase ® G4

Bluephase® G4 is an intelligent LED curing light with Polyvision™, a technology designed to help guarantee a more effective polymerization of light-cured dental materials. Polyvision alerts clinicians if they move the curing light probe away from the tooth while curing, and dynamically adjusts the curing time to compensate for the movement, ensuring the restoration has received the right amount of light energy needed for proper polymerization.

Moving the curing light a mere 30 degrees significantly reduces energy delivered to the restoration, possibly resulting in inadequate curing, negative patient outcomes and clinical failures, such as post-operative sensitivity. Bluephase G4 helps alter clinician of movement, just as some automobiles alert drivers when they start drifting out of their lane.

Clinicians can determine whether Ivoclar Vivadent’s Bluephase® G4 is right for their dental practice by considering the following:

  • Do I ever glance or drift away while curing a restoration?
  • Moving a curing light a mere 30 degrees reduces energy delivered to the restoration by more than 25 percent, possibly resulting in clinical failures.

Some dentists may question whether it’s practical to purchase the Bluephase® G4:

  • “I find the Polyvision feature annoying.”
    • It is easy to turn off Polyvision, however, you may find it helpful. For instance, some toothbrushes vibrate and light up when excessive pressure is applied while brushing. At first, some patients may find this annoying, but they quickly learn better brushing techniques. Similarly, the Polyvision technology helps dental professionals become aware of movements that can result in inadequate curing.

Bluephase G4 also features Polywave™ technology, which provides a broad wavelength spectrum of 385-515nm, allowing the light to cure all dental materials on the market today. The optimal cure means happier, healthier patients and, ultimately, a more successful dental practice.

Editor’s note: Sponsored by Ivoclar Vivadent.