Beyond the Microphone

Unlock the secrets to building a thriving dental organization with DEO’s Growth Secrets Podcast.

Emmet Scott, DEO Partner and host, interviews a diverse line-up of dental industry leaders, revealing the secrets behind their success and extracting the tactics and tools they used along the way that can be incorporated by all listeners. In each episode, guests share their wisdom and insights in never-before-told stories that dig deeper into the challenges, failures, and triumphs that leaders face as they strive to build thriving organizations.

Jay Hogan
Dr. Ilan Abramowitz

EP 174: Innovation in Ortho
In this episode, Emmett hosts Jay Hogan, Founder, PerfectFitOrtho, and Dr. Ilan Abramowitz, Founder, PerfectFitOrtho. The trio examine innovative ways to increase revenue and drive down costs in today’s dental practices, as well as the inherent challenges of being an entrepreneur, the economy, and much more. Their conversion goes deep into orthodontics and innovation, specifically how incorporating this specialty into your dental company may be easier than you think. The orthodontics space has more opportunities than ever before, and a dental entrepreneur can often deliver this additional care without any equipment or upfront investment. (Sponsored by PerfectFitOrtho).

Liz Nies

EP 175: Perio Opportunities to Increase Revenue
In this episode Emmet talks with Liz Nies, RDH, DSO Liaison and Team Trainer, Perio Protect to highlight perio opportunities that provide more care and value to patients while offering additional revenue streams. Additionally, they cover ways to mitigate rising labor costs; perio disease, and its issues, with an overview of products to help; how innovative products can help hygienists collaborate with patients for better perio care outcomes; and much more. (Sponsored by Perio Protect).

Shirley Mishak

EP 176: Overcoming the Cost Barrier Early in the Patient Journey
In this episode, Emmet hosts Shirley Mishak, VP of National Accounts for Dental for CareCredit, to discuss why offering ease of payment/financing options is a simple way to take better care of your patients. It’s also a win-win for your dental company, and can increase your profitability. Shirley and Emmet overview the integral part that patient financing can play in any successful dental practice for case acceptance, patient flow, patient recare, and more. With today’s integrative and adaptive software and tech, it’s easier than ever to incorporate patient finance options into the software platforms your dental company already uses. Listen in to understand the benefits patient financing offers your business and why it is a must-have to scale your dental business. (Sponsored by CareCredit).

Scott Stapleton
Mike Alessio

EP 177: Vendors as Collaborative Partners: Supporting a Growing Dental Company’s Organizational Needs
Guest host, Dr. Eric J. Roman, DEO Partner, talks with Mike Alessio, General Manager, Danaren Dental Laboratory, and Scott Stapleton, VP of Business Development, Bonadent, to discuss how dental industry vendors can be more than just dental company suppliers, taking on an integrated partner role in driving growth and supporting organizational needs. This is especially true for a dental company’s relationship with its dental lab. They discuss the evolution of the lab industry and – how similar to dental companies – dental labs are also consolidating. Dr. Roman, Mike, and Scott address how vendor relationships are affected when a dental company starts scaling. When a dental lab supports multiple locations or doctors, complexities and issues can increase as well as opportunities, thus the need for alignment and integrated partnership. Challenges therein and solutions are discussed. (Sponsored by Danaren Dental Laboratory).

EP 178: The 4 Stages of High Achieving Leaders
Join Emmet as he breaks down the 4 stages of high-achieving leaders. He gives this framework so you can benchmark yourself or a team member and forge a path to get to the next level. He explains the qualities and work approach for each level: 1. reactive stars, 2. superstars, 3. universe (or galaxy), and 4. creator. Emmet offers insight into how entrepreneurs can use this framework to level up their leadership development of themselves and their team to successfully grow their businesses and achieve goals.

EP 179: 3 Things You Need to Scale Your Dental Organization
In this episode, Emmet reflects on what successful dental organizations have in common. He discusses the DEO Growth 30 (the 30 foundational things that you need in order to grow a thriving dental group) and highlights 3 of them. 1: Prioritization is key to moving from entrepreneur to executive. 2. Having a well-defined org chart is key for a cohesive team, healthy culture, defining responsibilities, etc. 3. Timely and accurate P&L statements are a must-have reference for making the right decisions to scale. Emmet dives deep into each of these, illustrating how they function in a thriving, growing dental group.

Florian Hillen
Adam McDaniel

EP 180: Fueling DSO Growth with AI: Strategies for Scalability and Success
In this episode, Emmet hosts Adam McDaniel, Segment Manager, Henry Schein One, and Florian Hillen, Founder & CEO, VideaHealth, to discuss AI and how it can boost dental company growth. They discuss AI’s capabilities, the opportunities it offers, and contingencies to be aware of. Emmet, Adam, and Florian break down whether AI can really leverage value between the team and the patient and likewise for associates and standard of care. They cover many other tech/AI topics such as integrating software, simplifying daily tasks, using AI for research and marketing, and much more. (Sponsored by Henry Schein One).