Beyond the Microphone

Unlock the secrets to building a thriving dental organization with DEO’s Growth Secrets Podcast.

Emmet Scott, DEO Partner and host, interviews a diverse line-up of dental industry leaders, revealing the secrets behind their success and extracting the tactics and tools they used along the way that can be incorporated by all listeners. In each episode, guests share their wisdom and insights in never-before-told stories that dig deeper into the challenges, failures, and triumphs that leaders face as they strive to build thriving organizations.

Troy Eckard

EP 169: Investment Opportunities Most Dentists Don’t Consider But Should
In this episode, Ken Kaufman hosts Troy Eckard, CEO & Manager, of Eckard Enterprises to discuss alternative asset classes and unique investment opportunities for dentists and entrepreneurs to earn passive income. They also discuss the topics of what it means to be a high net-worth individual; private equity; traditional financial investment institutions; the volatile current economy; energy and mineral rights investments; banking; the stock market; retirement and estate planning; and much, much more. (Sponsored By Eckard Enterprises)

Chip Fichtner

EP 171: Large Practice Sales Trends with Chip Fichtner
Emmet hosts Chip Fichtner, Co-founder and Principal, Large Practice Sales. They discuss the difference between a DSO and what Chip calls an “IDSO”, what’s happening in the marketplace right now if you’re thinking about a transaction, what constitutes a “large practice sale”, ways deals are being structured currently, and much more. Chip shares what numbers to look out for and any potential red flags when considering a transaction. They dive deep into specific financial indicators to review when evaluating a DSO’s financial health, and many more financial topics. (Sponsored By Large Practice Sales)

Christopher Holden

EP 172: Innovative Products to Improve Efficiencies in Your Practice
Emmet hosts Christopher Holden, President of Ivoclar North America. They discuss key business principles Christopher has heeded in his career and leading both small and big companies. Emmet and Christopher highlight why keeping innovation at the forefront of what any business does is key, and in dentistry that means best serving the needs of patients for convenience and quality – whether it’s the services dentistry provides or the products both doctors and patients need. Christoper talks about how Ivoclar embodies this philosophy, and reviews how their products can help you create efficiencies to grow your dental company and more! (Sponsored By Ivoclar)