Best of DSO Secrets: Cloud-Based Dental Practice Management Software Program Recommendations

Editor’s note: The DSO Secrets: Dentist Entrepreneurs Growing Dental Organizations Facebook page is a place to find resources, networking opportunities, information about upcoming industry events, and a forum to ask fellow dentist entrepreneurs questions you may have about running your business. The following was a recent discussion among DSO Secrets Facebook page members.

AJ Giesa asked: Any recommendations for a proven and efficient “Cloud-Based Dental Practice Management Software Program” with great customer service/support?

DSO Secrets Facebook page members responded:

“I really like Fuse. It’s great for multiple locations and the support is fantastic.” – Tony Le

“Whether you’ve got one location or many, Dentrix Ascend is a great option and worth setting up a live online demo for.” – Danny Jessop

“I love the race that is happening for better solutions. It’s becoming more possible because we, the customer, are asking for better solutions. I think I’ve ridden Opendental as far as it can go. I have 15 programmers working to consistently build new solutions for my team needs with Opendental as the backbone. I’m excited for one of these cloud solutions to become the Holy Grail. I’m personally doing a lot of work with Tab32 and do see them leading in some areas but feel the door is very much open and that no one has everything I want … yet. I’d love for someone to put together a side by side of Denticon, Carestack, Tab32 and any other cloud solution that wants to get in the octagon. I do think each has different use cases as well that need to be called out.” – Emmet Scott

“Denticon is a fantastic program with great support.” – Eddie Bee

“Tab32. I’ve used over 5 cloud platforms including Denticon, Ascend and Curve. Tab32 and carestack
are the best in my opinion.” – Tom LaGree

“You will always get a mixed bag with this question. People tend to favor what they are comfortable with. We have worked with several groups and emerging DSOs so what I share is based on what we are seeing and hearing in the larger market. The most consistently favored options are Tab32, Carestack and Private Cloud Open Dental. If you check some of the past postings, you can see that Emmet Scott is hearing the same things. Regardless, I recommend conducting multiple demos with key members of your team. What works well for one group, may not be ideal for the way another operates.” – Tom Terronez