Assisting the Assistant


When hygienists and dental assistants can work more efficiently, dentists and patients benefit.

Unlike dentists, dental assistants and hygienists don’t have an assistant sitting chairside, ready to help. And many of their responsibilities – for instance, moisture control and patient safety – can be challenging. Thanks to advances in technology, however, today’s dental teams can work more efficiently than ever before.

Efficient moisture control
Proper control of saliva, water and blood in the mouth contributes largely to patient comfort. When hygienists and dental assistants are tied up providing suction and retraction, however, they cannot assist the dentist with other important tasks, leading to increased chair time for the patient.

For many dental practices, the solution has been to add the Isovac dental isolation adapter by Zyris. The Isovac connects to an existing HVE line, providing continuous suction for both the upper and lower quadrant during a procedure and greatly improving the patient experience. Saliva no longer pools in the back of patients’ mouth and blood can be evacuated without their tasting it.

Hygienists and dental assistants benefit as well. With continuous suction, hygienists avoid continuous interruptions to use the saliva ejector to maintain a dry field and keep patients comfortable. And because the Isovac (together with the mouthpiece) isolates two quadrants at once, they can work more quickly. Finally, hygienists have a consistent amount of room to work throughout the procedure, enabling them to work more efficiently.

Dental assistants work hard to anticipate what the dentist needs as far in advance as possible. But it can be difficult to act quickly when they are tied up providing suction and retraction. The Isolite mouthpiece retracts patients’ tongue and cheek, freeing dental assistants to do their job more efficiently.

Safety first
Patient safety in the operatory is an absolute, and while the dental staff does all it can to avoid accidents, the risk exists for a patient to swallow a temporary crown or a clinician to drop an implant screw. The Isolite mouthpiece by Zyris provides a barrier that obturates the throat, while retracting the tongue to help minimize the risk of a foreign object being aspirated or ingested. And knowing their patients are safe is peace of mind – and one less distraction – for the entire dental team.