10 Key Things To Know Before Selling Your Practice To A DSO/IDSO

Presented By: Large Practice Sales

If you have a larger dental practice and have been contacted by one or more DSOs/IDSOs interested in buying your practice or partnering with you, then join Chip Fichtner, Co-Founder & Principal at Large Practice Sales (LPS), to learn how to maximize initial values, leverage multiple bidders, navigate tax implications, and more!

What You’ll Learn in this Free Webinar:

  • How to Achieve the Highest Initial Values
  • Why Six or More Bidders Are Important to Your Future
  • Why Tax Treatment is Critical
  • How Practices Get 20%+ Premiums
  • The Three Legal Landmines to Avoid
  • When Timing is Critical to Value
  • Which Advisors are Paid by Both Buyer and Seller

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