VideaHealth: Improving treatment acceptance rates with AI

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As artificial intelligence continues to grow as a trending topic, we will continue to see how its practical utility will change and improve the world around us. One of the organizations that is using artificial intelligence to change their industry is VideaHealth, a medical technology startup that is working to help dentists prevent oral disease. 

With this platform, VideaHealth is working to empower and equip dentists to diagnose oral disease and improve treatment acceptance rates with their patients. This system is designed to analyze patient x-rays with an algorithm that has been trained on hundreds of millions of data points that signify symptoms of advancing gum disease like decay and tissue loss.

Improving treatment acceptance rates

Ensuring that your patients receive adequate treatment for their conditions can be challenging, especially with gum disease. The patient doesn’t experience symptoms with gum disease in the same way that they would with a cavity or other forms of tooth decay. It can also be tricky to diagnose, especially for young dentists who are new to the industry. With VideaHealth, your team can confidently and accurately diagnose conditions like gum disease with the help of artificial intelligence.

This platform not only benefits and supports the dentists by supporting their findings for a diagnosis, but it also provides the patient with the information and education they need to make an informed decision about their treatment. Treatment acceptance is a constant challenge for DSOs, but using a platform like VideaHealth can simplify that process by providing the patient with the education and agency they need to make decisions about their treatment. The provider can use VideaHealth to show images of the patient’s teeth to explain the diagnosis in a way that is easy for the patient to understand. 

Implementing AI within your dental practice

Adopting a new solution into your DSO or practice can always be challenging, especially for those DSOs with multiple locations. VideaHealth is not only easy to use from a provider standpoint, but it can also be utilized to train young dentists as they come out of school and into the workforce. When you can train your providers from the start with a powerful tool like this, it gives them the confidence they need to better diagnose their patients in the future. Additionally, VideaHealth is a powerful tool for hygienists to educate patients. As the liaison between provider and patient, hygienists are often the ones having these conversations about oral health with patients. 

VideaHealth is compatible with 90% of dental practices and DSOs within the country, giving these organizations the technological edge that they need to take better care of their patients. Contact VideaHealth today to see how your team can improve their workflows with artificial intelligence.