Solmetex Maintenance Program

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At Solmetex, we understand that dental practices are busy. Dental professionals are interested in the daily care of their patients, while keeping up with the daily trends and technologies. If you are operating a dental office and taking care of patients, complying with the EPA “Dental Rule” may not be at the top of your to-do list. We designed our Solmetex Maintenance Program as a turnkey solution to alleviate guesswork associated with the regulation to ensure your practice is always in compliance. With no fees, contracts, or hidden costs, the Solmetex Maintenance Program will ensure your practice follows the EPA’s standard, helping you avoid any unnecessary fines or office shutdowns.

How the Solmetex Maintenance Program can help you

With the Solmetex Maintenace Program, we are simplifying your waste management processes. Our solution is designed to meet your amalgam waste management needs, while maintaining your EPA compliance. When you enroll with our program, we help you to:

Alleviate guesswork

The EPA “Dental Rule”, effective July 14, 2017, is a document detailing what practices must implement to be in compliance. Solmetex has simplified the process by creating a simple, affordable program that covers all aspects of the “Final Rule.”

Improve peace of mind

Schedule your practice for auto-shipment of the three products required by the regulation and know your office is always in compliance. 

Be green

Solmetex products are eco-friendly, and packaging is 100% recyclable. The PowerScrub Vacuum Line Cleaner contains Mereduce™, an agent that converts harmful methyl mercury to organic mercury which is significantly better for the environment.  In addition, PowerScrub contains no harsh chemicals, and is safe for the clinician, the patient and the environment. 

The components of the Solmetex Maintenance Program

There are four components to the “Dental Rule,” and the Solmetex Maintenance Program works to address each aspect. Dental practices can set their custom delivery schedule for each of the required products:

  1. NXT Hg5 Collection Container – The NXT Hg5 Amalgam Separator’s Collection Container must be replaced annually or when solids have reached the full line. Dental practices can determine the frequency with which they need their next container and set their schedule. Solmetex ensures your container is delivered by the date of your choice.
  2. Practice Waste Solutions Amalgam Bucket – The PWS Amalgam Bucket is required for all items that touch amalgam, including chairside traps, teeth with amalgam, spent amalgam capsules, and vacuum fillers. The amalgam bucket must be recycled when full or annually, whichever occurs first.
  3. PowerScrub Vacuum Line Cleaner – The regulation requires the use of a non-foaming, neutral pH vacuum line cleaner for use with the required ISO 11143 certified amalgam separator. PowerScrub’s microbial formulation maximizes the capacity of the NXT Hg5 Collection Container by condensing the solids within the container. Nightly cleaning of vacuum lines is recommended. 
  4. Compliance Center – Our Compliance Center is available to you online 24/7. Your Certificates of Recycling are always available as proof of compliance. Whenever a collection container or amalgam bucket is recycled, the portal is automatically updated with the necessary documentation to prove compliance. Cost of recycling and documentation is included in the cost of the product.