Rethinking Your Retirement Strategy Before It’s Too Late

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By Avi Weisfogel, Founder, International Academy of Sleep and Freedom Dental Partners

In 2011 my father, a cardiologist, received a $5 million dollar offer to sell his practice to a Corporate MSO. At the time he was bringing in over $1.5 million in revenue annually, so he made what seemed to be the logical decision: he turned the offer down.

Fast forward to 2022. My father is older, tired, and has been ready to exit his clinical cardiology career for several years…

Only he can’t.

Finding a buyer for a private medical practice these days is near impossible. Even if he managed to do it, the offer wouldn’t come close to anything he’d be able to live on.

The practice he poured a lifetime of sweat equity into is now worth $0.

And now he’s stuck.

He can’t stop working because selling his practice was his retirement plan.

He could attempt to find a position working for someone else so that he could at least be free of the responsibilities that come with day-to-day management of a practice. But that would mean an extreme pay cut and an inability to maintain his lifestyle.

His only choice is to continue the grind of clinical practice for the rest of his life.

And this is the exact same fate that is in store for you if you don’t rethink your exit strategy from clinical dentistry now.

The Corporate buyout that completely transformed the medical industry is at our doorstep.

Corporate DSOs are rapidly absorbing private practices and permanently transforming the dental industry as we know it.

At this rate, we predict there are only 3-5 years until the buying frenzy wipes out the majority of dental practices.

If you don’t work now to secure your financial future by rethinking your retirement strategy, you’re in for a rude awakening.

It’s likely you’ve already been approached by a Corporate DSO with an offer that was, frankly, insulting. If you’ve been holding out on selling your practice to a Corporate DSO because you know in your gut there has to be a better way…

…a way out that doesn’t involve:

  • Relinquishing control of how you run your practice
  • Putting your dream of retirement or exploring a new venture on hold
  • Compromising your standards for patient care for the sake of compliance with the new rules
  • Agreeing to sell with no input over the terms and no guarantee of a full payout

…you’re absolutely right.

There is a much better way: healthcare entrepreneurship.

The journey to become a healthcare entrepreneur looks like this:

1. Sell your practice now at the top of the market through a dentist-owned DSO like Freedom Dental Partners, which I founded with my partner Brady Frank. 

Our group is currently valued at $1.7 billion dollars and growing. We’re closing on lucrative private equity deals that give our members valuations of double-digit effective multiples of EBITDA, sometimes reaching 12x! These numbers are possible because we’ve cracked the code for putting the power back into the hands of dentists by working together.

2. Invest the money from the sale of your practice into pre-vetted real estate and dental practice purchases at returns that net you more money on a single deal than you did over the course of your entire dental career. 

But where do you find deals like that in the first place, and how will you know what to do with them? You can access pre vetted, no brainer investment deals through our AB Mastermind membership program.

Don’t let the idea of investing intimidate you. Our AB Mastermind membership program is designed to help current and former dentists transition successfully into healthcare entrepreneurship. 

We teach our members the ins and outs of investing, and our Mastermind Verified Deals are structured so that you can participate even if you have little to no capital to invest up front.

3. Protect and grow your wealth with tools, resources, and expert guidance to keep you on track with your goals, which we make available to the members of Freedom Dental Partners and AB Mastermind.

4. Continue to explore new ventures that pique your interest, or enjoy the freedom of living life at your own pace. The choice is yours.

You have options for securing your future, but only if you take action now – to access more lucrative offers, with more amenable terms, and greater flexibility than any traditional or corporate selling option is able (or willing) to provide. 

And at Freedom Dental Partners, we are so eager to show you how to do just that.

Join us for a deep dive into the strategies we’ve used to build our dentist-owned DSO.

Click on the link below to view our instant access webinar Mastering the Corporate Exit Strategy:

Watch the Mastering the Corporate Exit Strategy Webinar

Our mission is to help ambitious, hard-working dentists like you learn how to use your dental practice as the conduit to total financial freedom.

We’re so excited about the possibilities that await you as you take the next step towards a brighter future.

Avi Weisfogel is the Founder of the International Academy of Sleep and Freedom Dental Partners. While practicing clinical dentistry, Avi bought five practices and sold all of them at a hefty profit. Additionally, he built a multi-state empire of practices dedicated to the treatment of sleep apnea with oral appliance therapy. Today, his focus is on teaching hundreds of dentists how to rethink their retirement strategy and leverage their practices to create total lifestyle, career, and financial freedom as healthcare entrepreneurs.