Practice Waste Solutions for Your Dental Group Practice

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In order to operate, dental offices must be in compliance with several regulations on the local, state and federal level when it comes to their handling of waste materials. According to the American Dental Association, dental best management practices for waste handling and disposal involve a multi-layered defense, including use of chair-side traps and professionally installed amalgam separators, regular inspection and cleaning of traps, and use of an appropriate commercial waste service to recycle and/or dispose of collected amalgam. Dental offices must consider all these factors when providing appropriate solutions to practices in need of timely compliance.

Fortunately, Solmetex is here to help busy dental practices be in compliance with the EPA Dental Rule on the proper handling and recycling of amalgam waste, so they can focus on the daily care of their patients. Along with its comprehensive Waste Compliance Program that includes the disposal of all regulated dental waste, Solmetex offers a variety of disposal kits for all sizes and types of dental practices, including: 

Amalgam Recovery

Amalgam waste is found within the dental practice. The most common is the “chairside trap”. Other waste amalgam items include: leftover or spent amalgam, removed teeth with amalgam fillings, empty amalgam capsules, and vacuum trap containers located by the vacuum pump. All of these contain amalgam residue. Even if a dental practice claims to be amalgam free, composite only, they can still generate waste amalgam from removed teeth and from chairside and vacuum pump traps. The Amalgam Buckets come in four sizes and Solmetex provides a UN/DOT approved storage and shipping container with prepaid return shipping and certificate of recycling for the generator.

Lead Recycling

Waste lead foil and lead apron are collected and placed into DOT/EPA approved storage/shipping containers for proper recycling. Lead Buckets come in two sizes and the Lead Apron Bucket fits approximately 2 aprons. Containers have labeling and shipping documents to transport waste for recycling. Generator is supplied with prepaid return shipping container, recycling, and proper documentation.

Photo Chemical Recovery

Waste photo chemicals from x-ray film processing equipment are filtered rendering waste non-hazardous to meet local, state, and federal requirements for discharge into public sewer. Spent filter is shipped for recycling via DOT/EPA approved storage/shipping container. Generator is supplied with prepaid return shipping container, recycling, and proper documentation.

Bio-Hazard Sharps Disposal

Variable size containers to collect biohazard needles, broken glass, paper towels, gloves, articles of clothing, bandages and gauze. Mail back kit includes prepaid return shipping container with disposal and proper documentation.

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