Nov/Dec 2015 EGP

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Thinking Differently
The value in recognizing and managing through complexities

Do You Have a Grand Challenge?

“We Already Do That”
Maximizing the potential of your hygiene team by spotting opportunities

Taking Care of Business
DSO membership allows dental specialists to do what they do best.

A Team Effort
When DSOs, their specialists and distributor sales reps work together, patients receive better care solutions

Built to Last
Value is the bedrock of successful DSOs

Satisfaction. Guaranteed?
More than ever, DSOs are paying attention to what patients think and say about their care.

The millennial dentist: Great expectations

VOCO America, Inc.

Measuring the Day-to-Day
Survey of dental office managers shows pain points, opportunities

OneMind Health

The Silent Epidemic
Dental practices need effective infection control protocols to guard against Hepatitis C

Best Practices in Infection Control

Healthy Habits: Ho, ho ho…
Oh, no, no!

Needed: More DSO-supported dentists on state dental boards



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