May/June 2019

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Dentistry Today
There’s a reason why so many dentists are choosing to join a DSO

Editor’s Note: The Value of DSOs

Developmental Modalities and Team Coaching
Could your team development measures be hurting morale?

Face Masks
Selecting comfortable, great-fitting masks for the dental team can be key in ensuring that they consistently wear them.

Gloves today are thinner – and offer greater durability – than their predecessors.

Periodontal Disease
Understanding the risks of periodontal disease can motivate patients to adhere to a good oral homecare routine.

Looking Sharp
A key to productivity, effective treatment and patient comfort in the hygiene department

Compliance and Infection Control in the Dental Lab

Better technology means more accurate diagnosis and treatment

Into the light
The Zyris Dental Isolation System ensures high-quality results, every time.

Changing the Narrative
Getting non-insured patients engaged in your group practice

Why Nice People Start Turf Wars