May/Jun 2024

Harnessing Your Potential — How Dr. Nikki Green is using valuable experiences gained as a clinician and leader to help other dental entrepreneurs live out their dreams.

Women Leaders in Group DentistryThree entrepreneurial leaders share their journeys as women in the industry, how they support each other in leadership roles, and where they see the future of dental headed.

Keys to Maximizing Your EBITDA and Valuation

 Navigate the Hiring Landscape — How dental leaders should approach associate and hygienist hiring.

Education: The Silent Sales Driver in Dental Practice Growth —  How in-depth education for dental team members can increase profitability.

Improve Associate Production and Treatment Acceptance — How to develop a process that properly trains and tracks clinical performance.

Five Essential Considerations When Forming a DSO

Add Instant Revenue in Your Front OfficeThe front office is the main command center for a dental practice. It’s also the secret to success for attracting new clients and retaining current ones.

 A Simple Solution to Attract and Retain Top Talent Despite the FTC Non-Compete Ruling — Simplified equity management: The key to retention and growth.

Improving Collections — How dental practices can better manage their collections processes.

Unlock Hidden Profit in Your P&L Statement — Get the most out of your financial team and financial statements.

Good Margins Dental Accounting: It’s More Than Just “Pocket Change”

Improve Your Leadership Capability Immediately — Know yourself and your team through a helpful assessment process.

Creating Accountable Teams — How to set clear expectations for key positions in your organization.

KPIs: A Cookie Trail of Opportunity for Your Dental Practice — Level up with data: Use job KPIs to maximize margins, drive efficiency, and growth.

Get Results — How to use prioritization to improve project management efforts over the next six months.

Setting a New StandardMassachusetts’ landmark dental medical loss ratio. 

Beyond the Microphone — Unlock the secrets to building a thriving dental organization with DEO’s Growth Secrets Podcast.