July/August 2018


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By the Book
As DSOs continue to attract attention of industry regulators, staying current and knowledgeable of the rules is an imperative

Editor’s Note
A changing narrative

ADSO Summit
The ADSO Summit draws C-level executives and team members from DSOs as well as Industry Partner representatives from more than 150 companies. These Industry Partners specialize in providing the products and services required to help DSOs grow strategically

DSO Crystal Ball

How to Ignite Emotional Engagement

A Clean Finish
A high quality prophy paste leaves patients with a clean, polished feeling

Looking Sharp
A key to productivity, effective treatment and patient comfort in the hygiene department

Advances in technology and digital workflow have led to easier implant procedures – both for doctors and patients.

Experts weigh in: Which bur is right for your dental practice?

Reprocessing Dental Handpieces
Compliance with CDC guidelines for reprocessing is vital to the safety of the dental staff and patients.

Health News & Notes

Industry News