Ivoclar Vivadent’s Adhese® Universal

Ivoclar Vivadent recently introduced Adhese® Universal, a light-curing universal dental bonding agent available in the unique VivaPen® delivery system. This new adhesive is of particular interest to group practices because of its versatile application, efficient delivery system, and predictable clinical results.

Versatile application
Because it balances hydrophilic and hydrophobic properties into one single homogeneous formulation, Adhese Universal is ideal for both direct and indirect bonding procedures, as well as all etching techniques, including self-etch, selective-etch and total-etch. In a group practice you are bound to have some dentists who prefer self-etch, some who prefer total-etch and some who prefer selective-etch. There are great efficiencies that arise when standardizing on one bonding agent that is well-suited for any etching protocol.

Efficient delivery system
Dental adhesives are typically the second most expensive material in a dental practice and many dentists don’t realize how much adhesive material is wasted with the bottle and unit-dose delivery forms. Group practices could save tens of thousands of dollars each year by switching to the VivaPen which has virtually no waste.

The ergonomic, pen-like design of the VivaPen combined with its angled brush cannula enhances comfort, control and speed during direct intra-oral application while reducing material waste. The 2 milliliters of adhesive contained in the VivaPen are sufficient for approximately 190 single-tooth applications. This amounts to almost three times more applications per milliliter compared to the conventional bottle delivery form. That makes Adhese Universal VivaPen cost per application lower than all of other leading universal adhesives. Because there is virtually no waste, the VivaPen drastically decreases cost per application and contributes to more cost-effective treatments.

Predictable clinical results
Adhese Universal in the VivaPen ensures consistently high bond strength because its internal locking mechanism keeps the material fresh all the way to the last drop. Adhese Universal provides durable and robust bond strength to enamel and dentin using only a single layer with any etching protocol.

The acetone-free, hydrophilic solvent contained in Adhese Universal ensures optimum wetting of the
dentin and enamel. This results in enhanced infiltration and optimum sealing of the dentinal tubules to reduce the risk of microleakage and postoperative sensitivity.

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