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Guardian Dentistry Partners announces new partnerships

In late 2021, Guardian Dentistry Partners announced partnerships with dental practices in New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, Alabama, Michigan, North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia.

The latest announcement of new partnerships adds 30 more locations into the Guardian family and brings GDP’s total practice count to 84. The Dental Partnership Network has seen its partnerships across the country grow exponentially since its founding in 2018 and now has a commanding presence in 10 states.

The most recent partners to join the Guardian family include:

  • Drs. Art Steineker, Bubba Waters, David Lieux and Darren Dillon with their Alabama/Florida platform, Gendus Dental Partners, supporting seven practices that span from Birmingham, Alabama, to Panama City, Florida
  • Dr. Marc Liechtung, with five practices located in the New York City area
  • Dr. Jonathan Penchas, with his Midtown Dentistry, comprising five locations in Houston
  • Drs. Raphael Goldstein and Steven Jaffe, with three offices in Novi, Dearborn and Brownstown, Michigan
  • Drs. David Deeb and Michael Fanning, located in Calabash, North Carolina
  • Rhett Duleba, who has two dental practices in Columbia and Sumter, South Carolina
  • Drs. TJ Patel, Vivek Kashyap and Jay Shukla, located in Matthews, North Carolina
  • Dr. Eric Grimes, located in Lenoir, North Carolina
  • Dr. Michael Rogers, located in Arlington, Virginia
  • Dr. David Strassman, located in Allentown, Pennsylvania
  • Dr. Charles Wolfe, located in Easton, Pennsylvania
  • Dr. Michael Parthum, located in Clawson, Michigan

“At our core, our organization is designed to deliver exceptional service and growth opportunity for our Doctor Partners,” said Dr. Hisham Barakat, GDP Chief Clinical Officer. “We’re excited about how our footprint has rapidly expanded, but we are even more thrilled about the type of partnerships we’ve solidified. These are all leaders in their field and in their communities. And their ability to continue to make a bigger impact – be it locally or regionally or nationally – is catalyzed with Guardian. They are the GDP core values personified.”

Heartland Dental celebrates “unprecedented” growth in 2021 

Heartland Dental announced the company experienced unprecedented growth in 2021 by adding 424 new practices to its footprint across its 38 states. Through the addition of 54 DeNovos, 92 Affiliations and 278 office locations through its acquisition of American Dental Partners, Heartland Dental now supports more than 2,300 doctors in more than 1,550 offices representing an increase of well over 150% in supported locations over 2020. Heartland Dental President and Chief Executive Officer Pat Bauer noted: “Heartland Dental’s support model and service offerings are widely respected within the industry, and our significant growth is a combination of the trust that doctors place in our resources and the dedication of our network of business and support professionals. Our proven systems and processes help supported doctors deliver exceptional oral care to their patients, and maximize their own clinical and economic growth now, and into the future. Doctors know they can trust that the care they provide in their communities will continue to thrive with the support of Heartland Dental. And as we head into 2022 and beyond, Heartland Dental is committed to continuing to provide solutions to meet the unique needs of doctors, their practices, and their patients.”