How To Improve Practice Efficiency by Optimizing Lab Workflow

Presented By: Darin Acopan & Paramount Dental Studio

Listen in to Darin Acopan and experts from Paramount Dental Studios as they discuss easy solutions for top scanning mistakes, how the profitability and speed of 3D printed dentures are revolutionizing dentistry, and more.

What You’ll Learn in this Free Webinar:

  • The main scanning issues plaguing dental practices and their solutions
  • Mitigating increasing logistics costs in the Post-COVID landscape
  • Drastically reduced chair time through 3D printing

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Ares Manos, Customer Service, Paramount Dental Studio

Ares graduated from Georgetown University and received an MBA at UVA. He leads Customer Service and Marketing, overseeing the vast majority of case issues as well as doctor education regarding scanning protocols.

Philip Kim, Head Lab Tech, Paramount Dental Studio

Philip was commanding officer of one of the Army’s largest dental clinics. He received his MBA from UVA and took over operations at Paramount Dental Studio in 2014. He has a deep restorative dentistry knowledge and has been instrumental for many of the advances at Paramount and within the lab industry.