From the Publishers: Welcome to Efficiency In Group Practice

From Bill,

Efficiency In Group Practice is a collaborative effort by two experienced publishers in the dental arena. MDSI and Hixson-Burris Media are working together to bring large group practices, regional multi-location practices, effectively the entire spectrum of corporate dentistry, timely and useful information that is pertinent for the entire team. From the clinician to the procurement manager, we’re focused on helping you grow and thrive in your group practice.

It’s a known fact that group practices are among the fastest growing business models in dentistry. However, good, focused educational, motivational and clinical content for dental group practices is limited and fragmented. Our goal with Efficiency In Group Practice is to give our readers specific information that will enable the group practice to perform at its very best. We will include columns and articles which will keep the entire team engaged, up to date, motivated and of course, efficient. In upcoming issues you will enjoy our practice profiles, “The Efficient Clinician,” human resource, real estate, finance, marketing and many other group related topics.

Let’s begin our journey together!

Bill Neumann

From Bonnie,

One of the most rewarding things about working in the field of dentistry is the strong network of colleagues many of us enjoy. At Hixson-Burris Media, we’ve enjoyed bringing you new insights and solutions for the challenges you face as not only a dental professional, but a small business. It is with great excitement that we now introduce our collaborative venture with MDSI to bring you Efficiency in Group Practice. Bill and I come from two different segments of the dental industry, and together, we’ll keep you informed on the newest trends, technologies, educational opportunities and concepts to build your most efficient, profitable group practice.

We understand the unique challenges you face as a group practice and in each edition we’ll bring you the most current and progressive ideas from today’s most respected experts in business and dentistry. We’ll show you how to get the highest ROI from your technology and product investments and help you to stand out in a sea of “one size fits all” dental practices. Your business is unique and goes well beyond the confines of the traditional dental practice. We look forward to showing you new ways to capitalize on your distinct strengths and differences to reach new heights of efficiency and create a balanced life that allows you to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

To your success,

Bonnie Hixson

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