Dental Vacuum Systems as a Water-Saving Solution

Solmetex’s NXT DryVac system provides superior operational performance at a reasonable price point.

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When it comes to our nation’s water reserves, the headlines from this summer were alarming. According to an August CBS News report, the American West is facing its most severe drought in human history. “Research suggests conditions are drier now than they have been for at least 1,200 years, and will likely persist for another decade,” CBS reported. Lake Mead, our nation’s largest reservoir by volume, sank to record-low elevation.

Indeed, businesses in these areas are turning more and more to water-saving solutions. The Solmetex NXT DryVac is helpful for dental groups in arid climates, and particularly drought-ridden states across the country, because it does not require water to operate.

In addition to being tankless and water-less, NXT DryVac’s price point is lower than most dry vacuums on the market. The NXT DryVac vac also competes in price with wet vacs on the market today, which are generally lower in cost than dry vacuums but in the long run, require higher monthly water bills and system maintenance. Less exposure to minerals in the water equates to less maintenance and repairs. 

The Solmetex NXT DryVac system, designed for 4 to 6 users, provides superior operational performance with low acquisition costs, all in a compact footprint for easy installation. The tankless central suction system is 100% water free with an integrated air/water separation system. It has virtually no maintenance and is one of the most cost-effective vacuum systems on the market. 

Solmetex recommends the use of PowerScrub Vacuum Line Cleaner on a daily basis to break down and eliminate built up debris in vacuum lines. Its microbial vacuum line cleaner is designed to release specific enzymes to dissolve vacuum line debris on contact. The eco-friendly, dynamic bacteria formulation is 100% biodegradable and remains in the vacuum lines overnight for continual cleaning action, rinsing clean when the job is done. It works with all water temperatures – hot water not required – and meets all EPA VLC requirements with a neutral pH between 6 and 8. 

The complete NXT DryVac system is UL Certified, and an annual maintenance kit is available. Its lightweight tankless design and easy installation is great for offices with limited space, and it connects to most pre-existing plumbing. It’s also expandable and connects up to two or three NXT DryVac devices. 

Dental practices should weigh the pros and cons of each vacuum system with the right assessment of their needs. Solmetex’s comprehensive product line provides all the necessary components to meet or exceed the current requirements of the EPA “Dental Rule” regulation on amalgam waste.