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For nearly 20 years, Zyris has been helping clinicians to achieve a high standard of care through its highly-effective, technologically-advanced, award-winning solutions for minimally invasive, easy-to-use dental isolation — as well as control of the oral environment.

Zyris’ new Isolite 3 dental isolation system provides unparalleled visibility, better oral humidity control, and minimizes the chance of accidental contamination. The system’s patented design allows dentists to quickly and easily implement a standard protocol for consistent outcomes in procedures that benefit from and require moisture control and isolation.

Zyris’ new eBook, published in partnership with Share Moving Media, drills down into how the Isolite 3 system can improve each aspect of the dental practice.

The first chapter addresses the clinical benefits that will be realized by dentists switching to the Isolite 3. Namely, the chapter covers how the Isolite 3 will help clinicians to elevate the quality of their work while also being able to complete dental procedures up to 30% faster than using traditional methods of isolation. The chapter also discusses how the system’s Liquidmetal® construction makes the device sturdier and more ergonomic, as well as how the Isolite 3’s brighter illumination and new amber light can provide a superior lighting experience.

The second chapter reveals how the Isolite 3 can help hygienists to achieve superior results for dental procedures that require isolation. The chapter covers how the Isolite 3 system helps to reduce neck and back pain for users as well as reducing chair time per patient. Better isolation means better, faster, safer and more comfortable procedures – for both clinicians and patients. Importantly, this chapter deals with the challenges of traditional 4-hand dentistry, and how the Isolite system helps to overcome those challenges so that the hygienist can always stay one step ahead of the dentist.

The final chapter of Zyris’ eBook is a thorough look at the value-prospect of the Isolite 3 system. This chapter, aimed at those who work in the dental practice’s “back office” shines a light on how the features of the Isolite 3 device can help dentists achieve superior results while reducing chair times and increasing patient comfort. It also takes a look at the various financial benefits to the dental practice – from the company’s 30-day trail to its outstanding warranty program.

Dental practices of all sizes can benefit from the new Isolite 3 system. To access the eBook,