All Your CE in One Place

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Running a successful dental practice is nearly impossible for one person to do alone. Hiring experts in specific areas and setting up processes and systems are crucial to productively run a practice. Once a process is established, opening another office becomes streamlined. Find key players, put systems in place, grow your business, repeat. 

An area often ignored is making sure your key players remain key players by keeping their licenses in good standing. Without a license, they can’t produce. Many companies and offices provide CE or a stipend for their staff to facilitate license compliance. With no system in place, state rules for each professional’s license type could be misunderstood, therefore causing a key player to fail an audit.

Let’s use payroll as an example. As an employer, you have a responsibility to ensure your staff is paid for their work. You also have to ensure your employee payroll meets all the requirements for proper calculations including accurate deductions, appropriate payment for hours worked and other considerations such as voluntary deductions when applicable. That’s a lot of information to keep track of using a manual payroll process. I don’t know any employer who does this manually. Why waste valuable time when there are multiple systems that can do this for you? Just like the ease of a payroll system, CE Zoom manages CE and license compliance for your entire staff.

We’ve surveyed thousands of dental professionals and the top 3 concerns we hear are:

1. Difficulty understanding each state’s licensing requirements

2. Finding necessary CE courses for license renewal 

3. High cost of CE

CE Zoom solves all 3 of these concerns in one simple program. 

The CE requirements required for each profession and license vary significantly from state to state. For example, most professionals understand that AGD-PACE and ADA CERP are approved in all 50 states. However, a common misconception is if the CE Provider is approved then the course will count towards CE. This isn’t always the case. Some states don’t allow self-help or business courses or limit the hours that count toward CE. Several states require mandatory courses by state-approved presenters for license renewal. For example, New York requires a state-approved infection control course that can only be given by a state-approved presenter.

CE Zoom provides all the required CE courses in one location. There is no need to scour websites or travel to conferences looking for the right CE. As for cost, a dental professional can get all CE through CE Zoom’s Your Total Package for a low annual fee. 

Navigating the required continuing education can be complex. CE Zoom is here to simplify it. We’ve done the research, we track licenses with precision, and we provide every course professionals need to renew. One place. One price. No joke. 

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