Publisher’s Note: The Gift of Freedom

Each summer I have always looked forward to celebrating the Fourth of July. I must admit this year it was a little tough to be excited. As the son and grandson of lifers in the Marine Corps – two men who were willing to lay down their lives for our country – I am saddened by the shape in which we find ourselves. But I think it’s important to take a hopeful look at what we are blessed to have as Americans.

We are all free to get on a plane and fly to see our parents and children. We are free to become whatever we want. We are free to choose our religion or have none. We are free to drive across this amazing country without restrictions. We are free to love who we want to love. We are free to use our voices. Freedom is a gift that many in this world never taste, yet as Americans we are free and we cannot forget that. Thank you to the men and women who provide us these freedoms.

As Americans we are free. There are times we all take it for granted, but as we pass the midway point of a chaotic year, let’s pause for a few minutes to be thankful for our imperfect country. Let’s turn off 24-hour news for a while and just be grateful for where we live and our ability to change and be free.

Dedicated to the industry,

R. Scott Adams